Two things I like about The Conjuring 2

So, the last movie I have watched at the cinema was The Conjuring 2. There were less than twenty people watch this movie, maybe I came to the cinema during weekdays which most of people were prefer return back straight to their home or they just don’t fancy horror movie. I was a bit curious about this movie before a friend asks me to join him. It is not about how the ghosts will be look like, but because I am interested on how the story has happened back then–the movie based on true story.

I am trying not to believe that the movie is based on true story, but I have always failed. I looks like a real one, amazing!

Horror movie never got me scared at all except how the way Suzanna staring at some people or objects on the movie, hahaha… The sound effect of the horror movie sometimes freaks me out–but only if I watch it at the cinema. Maybe even it appears right in front of my face, I will only say like, “don’t scare the hell out off me, go away!”. 😀
Anyway, two things I like about this movie is:
1). The story itself has happened  in Enfield, England–which I have always love to see anything related to Europe. What I really like about England is the culture, the British accent, the tradition, the landmark, the movies, etc.
2). The second is about the soundtrack. It will always about it and because of the story of the movies has happened in the latest 70’s so the songs are adjusting as the soundtrack of the movie. I have also seen there are many poster of Elvis Persley were tacked on the wall of the girls bedroom, I think it was a glorious time of him. And I do love Elvis.
Honestly, I don’t fancy horror movie that much, but thriller is ok. I confess that I am just curious about what the director is trying to show us about something thrilling such as ghosts, the story, the place where the story happen, the sound effect, the cinematography that possibly scares the audience.
There is one thing that entertain people after the movie released–even the people who have not watched the movie yet doing the same thing too. So, a week ahead, a ghost called Valak is surprisingly become one of a famous ghost until now. Some of Indonesian creatives are always sucessfully make a lot of meme about her/him? I am not sure. If you curious about her/him, you can check this link out here, here, and here. I hope you guys will enjoy her memes.

The Big Bad Wolf book sale 2016


Last week, Indonesia has two public holidays. Its on Thursday and Friday. It was Islam and Christian big day. So, that was a long weekend for us. A week before, I have tried to browse hostelry in Yogyakarta on the internet. A firend–whom I should have met in Yogyakarta few months ago informed me an affordable price of lodging. Then I started browsing the official website afterwards–in case there is any cancellation booked. While I am waitingfor their information, I was looking for the train tickets. And once again, I did not see any luck, the tickets are sold out. 😦

I was sad and wondering where should I spend my precious long weekend that rarely happens each year. On the same day, a colleague approach to my desk, we had a little chit-chat and she asks me about my plan for the long weekend. I told her about the hotel and train tickets, then she suggests me to go to a book fair that started since 30 April and will be ended on 8 May. The book fair will open for 24 hours. This information were amusing me a little bit. Many thanks to Mbak Devy.

Picture taken by myself. Not a kind of high quality pic.

On Saturday, I decide to go to The Big Bad Wolf book fair in ICE Serpong, South Tangerang. It is the great book sale in the world with 75%-80% discount! When I was there, the building was full of book fetish, they look very excited. I also saw many foreigners came to grab the books, becuase who will waste this event? Mostly the books are written in English with price start from IDR 20k which we will never find it in bookstore.

That day, I went to ICE by using train and Ojek. I am surprised that the building were nearly full of people. In Jakarta, you will see a big numbers of book hnters than other cities. I have noticed that people were eager to pick the books they want to buy.

I have got nine books for only 455k.


European on Screen (EOS) 2016


Its been awhile, I have passed March and April with nothing left in here. I don’t have anything to post whilst I have spent my days by watching movies I have not watched, try to finish a book I am reading, experiences a few things in leisure. Now here I am, struggling to continue write something about what happens in my life lately.

In the end of April, Europe on Screen (EOS) started showcase the best selection of European films. This festival was held from 29 April – 8 May 2016 at 12 locations in six Indonesia major cities–Jakarta, Bandung, Bali, Medan, Surabaya and Yogyakarta.

Pic from here

I have attended the first day at Erasmus Huis Auditorium in Netherlands embassy. That was my first time joined the festival with a friend and another movie enthusiast in Jakarta. Some of them came alone, some with their sister/borther, some with friends and some with their spouse. When I was in Makassar, I usually attended the festival mostly with my some friends who also has the same enthusiastic of film as I am. Apparently, they did not hold the festival in Makassar this year.

I have also checked some of the synopsis and watch the trailers to get some illustration of the genre. I have list of films in my mind which ones I really want to see, but when I check the schedule, there are some films that will be played during weekdays which I couldn’t possibly attend. The first film I watch was “Two Days, One Night”. A film from Belgium directed by Jean-Pierre Dardenne and Luc Dardenne. On the same day, I watch three films in a row. The second film was “Human Capitol”, then the last was “Long Live Freedom”. The next day, I did not come back due tue several things should be done on time.

The last film I watch was “A Royal Night Out”. A drama comedy film from UK. The film tells about London society celebrate the official end of World War II in Europe where the future Queen of England, Elizabeth, and her sister, Margaret were 19 and 14 years old. They both are are allowed out (but incognito) to join the celebration. The film was pretty much entertaining to me, I could not stop laughing during the film due to the characterestic of Margaret.

Picture taken by my friend.



The difference

Why there’s such a rule that forbid people to live together with different faith?

I don’t blame the rules that have been written on the holy bibles. It is just a random question appears in my mind in all of a sudden from past few months. Firstly, I have to confess that I was afraid being friend with a Jew. What I know and what I’ve been taught is they want to control the world until the end. But so far, the rumors about it is not true.

Let’s straight to the point. Its obviously has written in Koran about marriage regulation. And I’ve read about disallowance of a woman marry to a non-muslim man. But why it allows a man marry to a non-muslim woman? Don’t you think that is not fair? No offense, but for me this is non sense. But I am pretty sure that most people must have the same reasons as mine, but I am not going to tell it in here.

One day, I ask my Mum, how if I marry to a non-muslim guy in the future? It was shocks her at first, she was about to cry and persuaded me to keep on the track. But still, how if God choose a non-muslim guy to be my partner of life?

Actually, the reason I talk about this is not because I want to be married with a non-muslim guy, but who knows? For the God sake, its just a random question that I still cannot find the answer yet which could possibly convince me more. I still have no idea, why I keep questioning this thing? Sometimes I wonder, how if I meet a non-muslim guy in the future and we connect to each other? How if he has a lot of similarity with me? How if he also has the same vision of the future as me? I will never know where God will lead me to. I guess keep praying to Him is the best way.

Another question appear in my mind afterwards, “Do I have to feel guilty for the rest of my life if I marry to a non-muslim guy? Would that be easy?”

I’ve asked certain people this question. Half of them say, “Why don’t you live life simply normal just like the others and keep following the rules that have been written on the bible?”. Don’t you think it sounds boring to live life like a normal? I mean, you only live once. We have a big amount of opportunities to try something we haven’t tried. I, personally, try as hard as possible to not being a two-faced kind of person. As I know, there are a lot of people I know for years turn out to be such as douchebag. I promise to myself to only follow what my heart about what is right/wrong like I used to, choose the options of life based on what I believe. Honestly, what I’ve explained today doesn’t mean I get an impact towards someone or what I’ve read.

But surprisingly the other half said, “The choice is in your hands, darling. Do what will makes you happy, because we only live once!”. Actually, I hardly want my closest people say the same way too and makes such an encouragement about what I will choose for my life.
Nonetheless, it shocked me a bit, why having that kind of question cannot be a normal thing for certain people? We definitely have different perspective to see things around us, accepting things that we think it makes sense. Yes, its definitely hard. And we basically grew up in various background. I thought we, as human being, have to respect to each other about people’s life decision, which is called human rights.
Last but not least, I hope, when I decide to be something (lol, to be a Cat Woman, perhaps?) or to own something in the future will not makes my closest people stay away from me and I wish they will always be there to support me anytime I need them to, no matter what happen. OK, that’s my random questions and explanations that perhaps make you think like what was happened to myself?

Well, its already 1 AM, no wonder why I keep yawning during writing this post. I guess I’ll see you tomorrow or the day after tomorrow with different topic. Talk later, blog.


Attending Chinese wedding reception

Singkawang – Kalimantan Barat has diverse kind of race population such as Melayu, Dayak, and Tionghoa. Last night, I have been invited to a wedding reception of my friends from high school. Both groom and bride are originally Tionghoa–which also my first time in my life attending a Chinese wedding ceremonial and I found a few different tradition among Chinese and local wedding.

First, it is about the color of the envelope. A friend told me that if we want to give them money, we have to use red color. Because red represent as blissfulness and luck while white envelope is usually for death ceremonial. Interesting though. Thanks to my friend who has reminded me of this. I have almost use the red one and embarras myself at the moment. The second is, while in the middle of the party, the official couple came to approach their friends at the hall to make some pictures. But in local wedding, the couple will approach and gather with their friends at the end of the party. Third, is about the songs. In Chinese wedding reception, the band will playing most of western and Chines songs. I have been attending some of local weddings of my friends and some of the children of my parent’s friends, mostly the band playing Indonesian songs and Dangdut. FYI, Dangdut is one of Indonesian famous music, you can check it on Google if you curious about it. As we (Indonesian) all know, that Dangdur is a-must song at a wedding reception and mostly requested by old people. Usually, the parents have to contribute to sing along the band they rent to celebrate the happy moment.

The rest is just the same, for instance; the food, the decorations, the band, the photo session and etc. Unfortunately, my friends and I have missed an important scene where the couple kissing to each other as a sign that they both are become official as husband-wife. But in Islam, the groom himself only allowed kiss the bride’s forehead in front of the guests, because kissing lips in front of the guests is just a kind of taboo.

I have taken some pics of my friend in high school, they are the beautiful Amoy Singkawang. Septi, me, Cathy, Dorkas Lie, -, Megawati, Bun Jovita, Tokhifui, Martina Bongso, -, Listiyeni, Bong Maylin, Bong Miki, Lidya Chandra

I think it has been more than ten years I have not met with these girls since I moved. I was very excited because I also catch up with some of my former classmates. A few of them are married and having kids, some are still single just like myself. Oh! I have noticed something that maybe I will take it as a new lesson, that my Chinese friends (esp girls) didn’t apply too much make-up on their face, and I realised that some of them didn’t even apply lipstick on their lips. Simple and looks cool, I must say.

Anyway, sometimes I am wondering how cool to live from a city to another city, not only get a new experience but also new friends from different races. I am so grateful.

Smile I adore

Yesterday, I went to Plaza Semanggi (Plangi) straight after office time to looking for girl’s stuff with a friend by using Busway. Before we reach the building, we walked across the overpass, then I met a little boy who selling a bunch of handmade key chain. One thing I noticed when I am staring at him was his smile. He kept smiling to the people who walk through him whilst he offer the key chains he sells to those people. Unfortunatelly, not so many people noticed him I guess, maybe he is just too short to be noticed.

Everytime I go to the Plangi, I have always wished that he will be there and buying at least one of the stuff he sells. It was literally surprised me that he was there, then I made up myself to approach him. I bought a green Kero Keropi’s head key chain that made by flannel fabric. I could not hold myself to pop him some questions–like where he lives, his age, who accompany him to come to this place, his hobbies, what he likes, etc.

He answers my curiosity with his typical beautiful smile on his face that I adore. He says that he started working at 3 pm in the afternoon and returned back to their home in Bekasi at 9 pm in the evening. Wow, I am surprised, Bekasi is not close. How he can manage to do that? Unbelievable. I am wondering, how tough his life is while most of normal boys of his age are still enthusiast with playing around with their friends, toys, or studying etc. This little guy named Fabian has completely stolen my heart.

Me: “Halo, ini apa sih, Dek?” (sambil mengangkat satu dagangannya yang berbentuk kepala kodok). “Ooh, gantungan kunci”, kataku dalam hati. “Satu harganya berapa?”, he smiled and start explaining.
Fabian: “Kalau beli satuan, harganya 25k, kalau beli dua harganya murah jadi 40k, soalnya lagi ada promo Natal, Kak.”, ucapnya riang dengan senyum lebar khasnya di wajahnya.

He amaze me by the way he explains the price and the promo of stuff he sells. Then we continued talking. I’ve got the information that he came to that place with his father who also working near to the bridge. He didn’t mention what kind of job his father has. Such a brave little guy. I couldn’t compare this little one to most of boys who has the same age as him, this one is different.

I personally envy of the spirit he has to struggle and face the reality of life. Nothing comes easy, I must say. Dear little Fabian, you are an amazing little boy I’ve ever met.

Ps: I forgot to take a selfie with him, but I will make it next time when I meet him again.