The difference

Why there’s such a rule that forbid people to live together with different faith?

I don’t blame the rules that have been written on the holy bibles. It is just a random question appears in my mind in all of a sudden from past few months. Firstly, I have to confess that I was afraid being friend with a Jew. What I know and what I’ve been taught is they want to control the world until the end. But so far, the rumors about it is not true.

Let’s straight to the point. Its obviously has written in Koran about marriage regulation. And I’ve read about disallowance of a woman marry to a non-muslim man. But why it allows a man marry to a non-muslim woman? Don’t you think that is not fair? No offense, but for me this is non sense. But I am pretty sure that most people must have the same reasons as mine, but I am not going to tell it in here.

One day, I ask my Mum, how if I marry to a non-muslim guy in the future? It was shocks her at first, she was about to cry and persuaded me to keep on the track. But still, how if God choose a non-muslim guy to be my partner of life?

Actually, the reason I talk about this is not because I want to be married with a non-muslim guy, but who knows? For the God sake, its just a random question that I still cannot find the answer yet which could possibly convince me more. I still have no idea, why I keep questioning this thing? Sometimes I wonder, how if I meet a non-muslim guy in the future and we connect to each other? How if he has a lot of similarity with me? How if he also has the same vision of the future as me? I will never know where God will lead me to. I guess keep praying to Him is the best way.

Another question appear in my mind afterwards, “Do I have to feel guilty for the rest of my life if I marry to a non-muslim guy? Would that be easy?”

I’ve asked certain people this question. Half of them say, “Why don’t you live life simply normal just like the others and keep following the rules that have been written on the bible?”. Don’t you think it sounds boring to live life like a normal? I mean, you only live once. We have a big amount of opportunities to try something we haven’t tried. I, personally, try as hard as possible to not being a two-faced kind of person. As I know, there are a lot of people I know for years turn out to be such as douchebag. I promise to myself to only follow what my heart about what is right/wrong like I used to, choose the options of life based on what I believe. Honestly, what I’ve explained today doesn’t mean I get an impact towards someone or what I’ve read.

But surprisingly the other half said, “The choice is in your hands, darling. Do what will makes you happy, because we only live once!”. Actually, I hardly want my closest people say the same way too and makes such an encouragement about what I will choose for my life.
Nonetheless, it shocked me a bit, why having that kind of question cannot be a normal thing for certain people? We definitely have different perspective to see things around us, accepting things that we think it makes sense. Yes, its definitely hard. And we basically grew up in various background. I thought we, as human being, have to respect to each other about people’s life decision, which is called human rights.
Last but not least, I hope, when I decide to be something (lol, to be a Cat Woman, perhaps?) or to own something in the future will not makes my closest people stay away from me and I wish they will always be there to support me anytime I need them to, no matter what happen. OK, that’s my random questions and explanations that perhaps make you think like what was happened to myself?

Well, its already 1 AM, no wonder why I keep yawning during writing this post. I guess I’ll see you tomorrow or the day after tomorrow with different topic. Talk later, blog.



Attending Chinese wedding

Disclaimer: This post will be far from racism, so I beg you an apologize to mention one of race in this post as an attemption to point out that we how beautiful it is to be surrounded by the diversity.

Singkawang – West Kalimantan is an island that has various races of population such as; Melayu, Dayak, Madura and Tionghoa. One day, a high school class mate intvites me and my friends to her wedding. Her (official) husband were also went to the same high school with me but he was in different class with my friends who I came to the wedding with. Both of them are Tionghoa. This is my very first time attending a Chinese wedding ceremonial and I found some things that make it different with Indonesian typical wedding.

First, is about choosing the right color of envelope. A friend told me, if we want to give them money, we have to use red color. Because red symbolize as blissfulness and luck whereas white envelope symbolize as misery like death ceremonial. Interesting though. Second, while in the middle of the party, the official couple came to approach their family and friends at the hall to make some pictures. But in local wedding, the couple will approach and gather with their friends after the party ended. Third, is about the songs. In Chinese wedding, the band will playing most of western and Chinese songs. But I think it depends on the taste. I have been attending some of Indonesian weddings of my friends and my parents’ friends’ children that mostly they choose Indonesian songs and Dangdut to entertain the guests. FYI, Dangdut is one of Indonesian famous genre. If you are curious about Dangdut, you can check it out on YouTube. As we (Indonesian) know that Dangdut is a-must thing to be played in wedding reception and mostly requested by old people. Usually, the parents have to contribute to sing along with the band to celebrate the happy moment and to entertain the guests. Fourth, guest’s dress. I have noticed that all of my Tionghoa friends are using clothing office. I think they’re just want to wear what makes them comfortable and simple. It’s not like most of Indonesian

The rest is just the same. Unfortunately, my friends and I have missed an important scene where the couple kissing to each other as a sign that they both are official as husband and wife. But in Islam, the groom only allows to kiss the bride’s forehead in front of the guests, because kissing to each other’s lips in front of the guests is taboo.

I have taken some pics of my friends in high school. They are beautiful Amoy I’ve met. From left to right: Septi, me, Cathy, Dorkas Lie, ?, Megawati, Bun Jovita, Tokhifui, Martina Bongso, ?, Listiyeni, Bong Maylin, Bong Miki, Lidya Chandra

I think it has been more than ten years I have not met these beautiful Amoy since I moved. I was very excited because I also catch up with some of my former classmates. A few of them are married and having kids, some are still single just like me. Oh! I have noticed something that maybe I will take it as a new lesson, that my Chinese friends (especially girls) didn’t apply too much make-up on their face and I realised that some of them didn’t even apply lipstick on their lips or maybe just lip balm. Simple.

Anyway, sometimes I am wondering how cool to live from a city to another city, because I’m not only get a new experience but also new friends from different races. I am so grateful.

Smile I adore

Yesterday, I went to Plaza Semanggi (Plangi) straight after office hour to looking for girl’s stuff with a friend by Busway. Before we reached the building, we walked across the crossing bridge for pedestrian, then I met a little boy who sell a bunch of handmade key chain. One thing I noticed when I am staring at him is his smile. He kept smiling sincerely to the people who walk passed him while offering the key chains to them. Unfortunatelly, not so many people noticed him, maybe he is just too short to be noticed.

Everytime I went to the Plangi, I have always wished that he will be there and buying at least one of the stuff he sells. It was literally surprised me that he was there and I approached him quickly. I bought a green Kero Keropi’s head key chain that made by flannel fabric. I could not hold myself to pop him some questions–like where he stay, his age, whose accompany him to come to this place, his hobbies, and so on.

He answers my curiosity with his typical beautiful smile on his face that I adore. He says that he started ‘working’ at 3 pm and returned back to home which locaterd in Bekasi at 9 pm. Wow, I am surprised, Bekasi is not close from Jakarta. How he can managed to do that? Unbelievable. I am wondering, how tough his life is while most of boys of his age are still enthusiast with playing around with their friends, toys, etc. This little guy has completely stolen my heart.

Down below are our my quick chit-chat:

Me:Hello, what are you selling?”

Fabian: “It’s key chains. One fro 25k, but if you purchase two, you can pay it only for 40k because of Christmas sale.”

He amaze me how the way he explains the price and discount. Then we continued talking. I’ve got the information that he came to that place with his father who also working near to the bridge. He didn’t mention what kind of job his father has. He such a brave little guy. I couldn’t compare this little one to most of boys who has the same age as him, this one is different.

I personally envy of the spirit he has to struggle and face the life. Nothing comes easy, I must say. Dear little Fabian, you are an amazing little boy I’ve ever met.

Ps: I forgot to take a selfie with him, but I will make it next time when I meet him again.

No longer a young adult

Is today I am turning … years old? I barely can believe it. I feel like I am still a teenager. Well, age is just a number, isn’t it? And there is nothing to worry about. Life must go on, be blessed and I am trying to surround myself with positive vibes as much as possible. Life has been taught me plenty of things from A-Z these past few months and I promise to myself that I will not spend my life with tears and things that could possibly lead me to sorrow.

Last year, I have spent my birthday with deep sadness, crying whole day. There was a few things that did not work the way I wanted to, things that I did not expect that would be happened. But now I regret of what I have ever done to myself. Day by day I kept trying to encourage myself to be a better person, praying and telling myself that everything happened for a reason. I believe, whatever taken from us or if we lose something we love the most, God will replace it with something better than you expect.

That moment literally taught me a lot.

Well, as a human being we should not be selfish and we must let go of things that don’t belong to us. I know it’s hard, but I have to be strong and fight it so it won’t hurt me. Pretending that they do not exist would not set me free. I thought some people were changed, because they didn’t cheers me up when I’m at my lowest point at the moment, but I was wrong. They were confused and trying to be a good person in such situation.

Being no-longer-a young adult, should I make a new priority list? Okay. Firstly, the most important thing is I will keep trying to get close to God. Second, it’s also important that I have to pay attention about healthy life, because I’m currently living hundred miles away from home, that’s why I could not control the hygiene standard of meals I will take. The situation is going to be different if we live far away from home. Trust me, home made cook is way more healthy rather than purchase it outside. I have no idea why people are so much into junk/fast food nowadays. I once heard a few young people say, “As long as we are still young, eat what you want and enjoy life.”. *sigh* 😥

Third, I will keep trying to treat my parents the way they have always treated me like very very well in my entire life. Because no one will treat you better than your parents. Our parents will always be the best person(s) in our life. They will always there through your good and bad times.

Fourth, I will keep trying to be a better person each day and treat people with sincerity as possible, because you want people treat you the way you want to be treated, right? Fifth, as a human being, we shall share more to people whoa re not lucky as we are. Sixth, I will try to keep my body in shape, so I will try to go to gym center weekly or running in the afternoon with my friends.

That is all of my new priority list to be achieved for EVERY.SINGLE.YEAR.

And to all my friends who is surprisingly still remember my birthday today–because who am I to be remembered all the time? I am very thankful to have such good friends like you, you, you and you. And to the people who have always beside me when I fall to the lowest point of life, I am very honor to have you guys in my life ❤ . Thank you very much. Now, let me to congratulate my self,


Midnight in Paris (2011)

Gil Pender (Owen Wilson) adalah seorang penulis naskah Hollywood yang sukses tengah berlibur ke Paris bersama tunangannya, Inez (Rachel McAdams). Mereka berpergian dalam rangka untuk mengunjungi orangtua Inez yang sedang melakukan perjalanan bisnis di kota tersebut. Impian Gil saat ini adalah menyelesaikan novel perdananya, namun orang tua Inez dan orang tuanya sendiri merendahkan keinginannya dan membuang karir cemerlangnya di Hollywood.

Suatu malam seusai makan di sebuah restauran, teman Inez, Paul (Micahel Sheen) dan istrinya mengajak mereka untuk pergi berdansa, namun Gil menolak ajakan tersebut dan memilih untuk langsung pulang ke hotel sambil menikmati suasana malam hari di kota Paris. Dalam perjalanannya menuju hotel–tepat pada saat tengah malam, sebuah mobil bergaya klasik menghampirinya, dan penumpang di dalamnya mengajaknya untuk pergi ke sebuah pesta. Setibanya di tempat pesta, Gil diam-diam mengamati sekelilingnya, ia terlihat sangat kagum dan terkesan karena tempat tersebut ia yakini bergaya tahun 1920. Di saat bersamaan ia berjumpa dengan orang-orang seperti Cole Porter (Yves Heck), Josephine Baker (Sonia Rolland), Zelda Fitzgerald (Alison Pill) F. Scott Fitzgerald (Tom Hiddleston) yang membawanya bertemu dengan Ernest Hemingway (Corey Stoll). Hemingway setuju untuk menunjukkan novel Gil kepada Gertrude Stein (Kathy Bates). Saat Gil pergi mengambil novelnya, ia menyadari bahwa ia kembali ke tahun 2010.

Gambar diambil dari sini.

Sejak kejadian itu, Gil memilih untuk menghabiskan waktu tengah malamnya di tahun 1920. Ia pun bertemu dengan banyak orang terkenal lainnya seperti Pablo Picasso (Marcial Di Fonzo Bo) dan kekasinya Adriana (Marion Cottilard) yang memikat hatinya. Ia jatuh hati pada wanita cantik itu dan bingung akan perasaannya terhadap Adriana. Di malam selanjutnya, ia menjumpai Salvador Dali (Adrien Brody), Man Ray (Tom Cordier), dan Luis Bunuel (Adrien de Van). Ia mencoba untuk menceritakan masalahnya, namun ketiganya merasa biasa saja akan kehadiran Gil yang datang dari masa depan.

Gil memutuskan untuk mengakhiri hubungannya dengan Adriana yang berasal dari masa lalu itu dan pulang ke tahun 2010. Namun sebelum ia pulang, Gertrude Stein menanyakan kelanjutan novelnya, bahwa mengapa pemeran utama dalam novel tersebut belum menyadari bahwa tunangannya telah berselingkuh dengan seorang karakter yang lain? Sepulangnya ke tahun 2010, Gil menyudahi hubungannya dengan Inez yang ternyata telah berselingkuh dengan Paul dan memutuskan untuk tinggal di Paris.


Film garapan sineas senior favorite gue, Woody Allen, yang bergenre komedi fantasi romantis ini tidak hanya membawa kita bermain-main dengan dunia imajinasi kita, namun ia juga mencoba untuk memanjakan mata kita untuk melihat keindahan kota Paris pada malam hari, dikala panas terik dan pada saat hujan mengguyur kota tersebut.

Allen selalu saja sukses menggarap film yang tidak biasa, hal ini telah menjadi ciri khasnya, selalu saja penuh kejutan, membuat saya selalu tercengang dan menonton filmnya berulang kali agar dapat dimengerti.

Soundtrack pada film ini pun juga sangat menarik, dan gue suka banget!! Penilaian gue terhadap film garapan Woody Allen gak pernah di bawah 5 bintang, because he deserves it. Buat kalian yang mungkin bosan menonton film-fim yang mudah ditebak akhir ceritanya, saya sangat menyarankan untuk coba menonton karya-karya Allen. 😉

Blue Jasmine (2013)

Some people, they don’t put things behind easily.

Bersuamikan orang kaya raya, Jeanette Francis (Cate Blanchett) hidup dalam kemewahan dan bergelimangan harta. Jasmine, adalah nama pemberian dari sang suami dan ia menggunakan nama tersebut semasa hidupnya. Sayangnya, pernikahan indah mereka tidak bertahan lama. Suaminya, Hal (Alec Baldwin) kepergok selingkuh dengan wanita muda dan meninggalkan Jasmine dalam kemiskinan tanpa uang sepeserpun dan tempat tinggal.

Malangnya, bisnis ilegal yang dijalankan oleh mantan suaminya selama bertahun-tahun juga diketahui oleh pihak kepolisian. Akibat permasalahan yang menimpa dirinya, Jasmine putus asa dan sangat depresi. Ia kemudian sering berhalusinasi. Karena tidak sanggup hidup sendiri, Jasmine memutuskan untuk pindah ke San Fransisco dan tinggal sementara waktu di rumah adiknya, Ginger (Sally Hawkins)

Jasmine dan Hal.
Film Blue Jasmine dikemas sangat apik dengan karakter klasik Woody Allen yang sudah menjadi ciri khasnya. Permasalahan yang dialami oleh Jasmine di sini tentu tidak terjadi hanya di film saja, bahkan pada kenyataannya pun pasti tidak sedikit yang pernah mengalami keadaan seperti ini. Ketika mereka sedang asyik berada ‘di atas’ dan bergelimangan harta, tiba-tiba dihempas oleh angin topan yang membuat mereka terjatuh.
Hal yang menarik pada film ini adalah, Allen mencoba untuk mengemas sesuatu yang tidak mengada-ada. Maksudnya, ia mampu menghadirkan sesuatu yang sangat kompleks dan penuh liku namun ia berhasil mengemasnya dengan sederhana. Tidak ada yang rumit, hanya saja kegagalan dalam rumah tangga yang membuat seorang wanita paruh baya ini menjadi putus asa hingga mengalami depresi karena masih dihantui oleh kenangan di masa lalunya.
Cerita ini adalah penggambaran yang kuat tentang bagaimana pergejolakan yang terjadi pada orang kaya yang tiba-tiba jatuh miskin. Dia yang di masa hidupnya selalu diberi kemudahan tiba-tiba harus mengalami kesusahan. Dialog-dialog yang dihadirkan oleh Allen begitu cerdas dengan karakterisasi setiap peran yang kuat sehingga sukses mendukung film ini menjadi lebih bermakna. Tidak hanya jalan cerita yang membuat kita bingung, namun Allen selalu menghadirkan lantunan musik jazz, sekali lagi, yang menjadi ciri khasnya.

Project Almanac (2015)

Bagi yang pernah menonton film About Time pasti sudah tidak asing lagi dengan film yang disutradarai oleh Dean Israelit ini. Project Almanac juga menceritakan tentang time travel, yaitu perjalanan waktu kembali ke masa lalu. Bedanya, pada film ini diceritakan tentang sekolompok anak sekolahan yang sangat tertarik pada bidang ilmu-ilmu Fisika dan mencoba melakukan beberapa eksperimen untuk mendapatkan beasiswa demi melanjutkan pendidikan mereka.

Dimula ketika David Raskin (Jonny Weston) bersama adiknya Christina (Virginia Gardner) yang menonton ulang video ulang tahun David ke-7 dan secara tidak sengaja mereka menangkap sosok remaja pria yang terlihat persis dengan dirinya. Ia lalu memperhatikan dengan seksama detail yang melekat pada diri pria tersebut. Semakin diperhatikan, David semakin penasaran dan mencari tahu dan berhasil menemukan jawaban atas keresahannya. Pria yang ia tangkap pada video tersebut tak lain adalah dirinya sendiri.

David dan Quinn saat mengerjakan sebuah benda yang diduga mesin waktu.

Rasa penasaran David menuntun ia dan teman-temannya, Quinn (Sam Lerner) dan Adam (Allen Evangelista) ke sebuah gedung dimana tersimpan sebuah kotak kecil aneh, lengkap dengan beberapa blue print ciptaan ayah David. Benda yang mereka yakini merupakan sebuah mesin waktu hasil trial and error. Benda tersebut mampu memindahkan dan menghilangkan sebuah objek. Setelah melakukan beberapa uji coba terhadap benda tersebut, akhirnya mereka berhasil menjelajah ke masa lalu.

Pada awalnya mereka tidak punya misi khusus, hanya sekedar rasa keingintahuan layaknya anak remaja pada seusianya dan hanya untuk sekedar bersenang-senang semata. Mereka saling berjanji bahwa mereka tidak akan ‘melompat’ sendirian ke masa lampau. Sayangnya janji tersebut diingkari oleh David. Hal ini tentu saja terkait dengan wanita muda cantik yang populer di sekolahnya, Jessica Pierce (Sofia Black d’Elia). David bermaksud untuk memperbaiki hubungannya dengan wanita cantik tersebut, akan tetapi ternyata perubahan tersebut tidak hanya terjadi pada dirinya, melainkan terjadi juga pada beberapa hal yang seharusnya berjalan sebagaimana mestinya tiba-tiba berubah total dari yang pernah ia saksikan sebelumnya.

Sejak saat itu, semua hal menjadi kacau. Dari Ibunya yang seharusnya sudah mulai bekerja, justru malah baru akan mengikuti beberapa interview di salah satu perusahaan ketika ia ‘melompat’ kembali. Kapten club bola yang tiba-tiba mengalami patah kaki akibat mobil yang menabraknya dan tidak akan pernah bisa lagi mengikuti turnamen. Hingga kejadian seorang Ayah dari temannya meninggal dunia pada saat mendaratkan pesawat, dan masih banyak hal kacau lainnya yang terjadi.

Pikirannya semakin kacau, dan pada akhirnya ia harus mengaku kepada teman-temannya bahwa selama ini ia telah ‘melompat’ beberapa kali tanpa sepengetahuan mereka.


Kesimpulan gue tentang film ini kurang lebih sama dengan pendapat gue tentang film About Time (tapi reviewnya belum sempat dibikin). Maksudnya, bahwa sebesar apapun keinginan kita untuk memperbaiki segala sesuatu yang tidak berjalan sesuai dengan keinginan kita di masa lampau, kita tidak akan pernah bisa mengubah segala sesuatu yang sudah terjadi untuk menjadi lebih baik. What happened, happen. Pasti ada saja hal yang terjadi di sekitar kita yang mungkin saja lebih buruk dari keadaan sebelumnya. Dan saya pikir melakukan perjalanan seperti ini adalah tindakan yang egois, karena ketika kita menginginkan perubahan yang lebih baik, kita justru malah memperburuk keadaan di sekitar kita.

I thank to God, that there’s nothing called Time Machine.

The Age of Adaline (2015)

The Age of Adaline mengisahkan tentang seorang perempuan yang bernama Adaline Bowman (Blake Lively) yang terlahir pada tanggal 1 Januari 1908 pukul 00.01 dini hari. Pada suatu malam di tahun 1935 saat ia mengendarai mobil menuju penginapan pantai milik orang tuanya, ia mengalami kecelakaan tepat pada saat salju turun di wilayah Sonoma, California. Ketakjubannya tersebut membuatnya kehilangan konsentrasi dan mobil yang ia kendarai tergelincir dan jatuh dari ketinggian dan tercebur di dalam sungai. Hal tersebut menyebabkan tubuhnya memasuki keadaan hipoksia yang seketika itu menghentikan napasnya dan memperlambat detak jantungnya. Tiba-tiba sebuah kilat menyambar mobilnya. Kilat tersebut bermuatan 500 juta volt listrik yang dampaknya menjadi tiga kali lipat. Pertama, muatan tersebut menghidupkan kembali jantung Adaline Bowman. Kedua, dia telah keluar dari keadaan hipoksia yang membuatnya bisa bernapas kembali setelah dua menit. Ketiga, berdasarkan prinsip Von Lehman 2035, Adaline Bowman untuk seterusnya akan kebal dari kerusakan akibat perkembangan zaman. Dirinya tidak akan pernah menua.

Adaline dari masa ke masa. | Sumber foto

Dari tahun ke tahun orang-orang di sekitarnya mengalami penuaan dengan ditandai perubahan tekstur kulit, kerutan-kerutan di wajah, namun Adaline sendiri masih tetap terlihat muda, mulus dan segar. Ia mengaitkan penampilannya yang tak pernah berubah ini karena kombinasi dari pola makan sehat, olahraga, keturunan, dan keberuntungan. Suatu hari seorang teman lama menyapanya ketika ia sedang berjalan dengan anaknya yang sudah tumbuh menjadi perempuan dewasa, temannya sangat takjub ketika melihat penampilan Adaline yang awet muda, kemudian ia berbohong dan mengatakan bahwa ia menggunakan krim wajah baru dari Paris.

Hal tersebut membuatnya tersadar bahwa ia harus cepat-cepat mengambil tindakan untuk menghindari kecurigaan orang-orang di sekitar terhadap kondisinya. Kota tujuan pertamanya adalah San Fransisco. Di sana ia bekerja sebagai staff administrasi di suatu sekolah kedokteran. Di berbagai kesempatan yang ia punya, Adaline memanfaatkan waktunya untuk menyelidiki kondisinya. Sayangnya, setelah setahun melakukan penyelidikan intensif, ia terpaksa harus menerima kenyataan bahwa tak ada penjelasan ilmiah tentang kondisinya saat ini.

Setiap sepuluh tahun, ia merubah penampilannya dan pindah tempat tinggal demi menghindari kecurigaan orang-orang di sekitarnya terhadap dirinya dan menceritakan rahasia ini hanya kepada anaknya.


Film yang bergenre drama romantis ini menggunakan latar belakang abad ke-20 hingga abad 21. Bayangkan bagaimana Adaline menjalani hidupnya selama 100 tahun tanpa ada perubahan yang signifikan pada dirinya dan tidak bisa menetap di satu tempat untuk periode waktu yang lama. Tidak ada kerutan di wajah mungkin saja bisa menjadi hal yang diinginkan oleh setiap wanita, tetapi tidak bisa menetap pada satu tempat dan harus tetap menyimpan rahasia bahwa dirinya tidak akan pernah bisa menua, siapa yang tahan?

Film ini tidak hanya menceritakan tentang kisah cinta Adaline Bowman, tapi juga terdapat beberapa scene yang memaparkan tentang ilmu fisika, salah satunya adalah penjelasan mengapa Adaline tidak bisa mengalami perubahan pada dirinya ketika petir menyambar mobilnya pada saat kecelakaan terjadi dan juga munculnya si ganteng Michiel Huisman sebagai pacar dan suami Adeline.

I miss you, Dad

Every time I talk about anything that relate to my parents, it will turns to be quite sensitive.

I remember of my Dad in all of a sudden because we talk like once in a week or more. Since my father got retired from his job a couple of years ago, he spend his day in peacefulness, quiet and he keep trying to get closer to God which makes my mom so much relieved. I thank to God for this. But, I feel sorry about a few of his friends who serve a sentence in prison because they have done something wrong. And once more, I thank to God that He didn’t let my father involved.

Today, I remember about a night when I was a kid. It was right after we had a usual family dinner. His flight was at midnight, that’s why he had to leave home earlier in order to anticipating the traffic issue. Mom and I accompanied him to the front door of our home. The cab that he has ordered through public phone were waiting. He went to Japan for official assignment. I was sad, because he used to have storytelling every night before I go to sleep. I asked him to return home as quick as possible, then he landed me a kiss on my forehead, and I hugged him as tight as possible. I was hurt when I saw him waves to us, seeing his back and watched him walking away. As I remember, he traveled for like a couple of weeks or so, which means it’s a quite long time for a 6-year-old girl to wait.

Every time he was abroad, we didn’t talk either through phone or internet, because it costs a lot of money, so we didn’t know when he returned home. I’ve asked Mom every single day when my Dad will be home. I can barely remember what Mom had answered. By the time he came home, it became a huge surprise for us. The most important thing for us that he never forgot to buy us toys. The first toy he bought from Japan for me was a cute electronic clown doll which became my first fancy toy. My brother had gotten a big electronic jet plane complete with the remote control to operate the plan itself. Both toys were the fanciest things we had that our Dad could afford.

My Dad is a quiet kind of person, but, I still remember his widest smile by the time he handed us the toys he bought for us. I saw the brightest-full-of-love smile on his face, I think this is what called true love.

However, there are plenty moments between my Dad and I that could bring my tears coming down if I write it in here. I think I just long for the the moment I’ve spent with him. Now, his hair turns grey, his face got wrinkled. I really miss those bed stories like he did every night. I hope someday you will share those fairytale stories to your grandkids, eventhough I know that you’re not good at it, hehe.

Happy Father’s Day
Words could not describe how much I love you and how much I miss you and I will always be your little daughter.