Jakarta Typical Transportation

It’s been a month since I moved to my uncle’s home. I’m happy that I’m no longer staying alone at kos. I of course mingled with people back at the kos, but we didn’t do it often. It was a couple of months when I visited my uncle’s home, he offers me to move to his place and stay with his family. I finally agreed and made a decision to move. So that means, I will stay with them in an area which the location is a little bit far than the previous one where I was staying from my office.

Since I moved to Jakarta, I have (still) learned to use public transportation. Mum asks me to send our car so that I can use it in here but I refused her idea because I don’t want to stuck in traffic for hours beside the traffic in here is getting worse. Yes, the traffic in here is such a nightmare–typical capital city, it literally getting worse compared to a few years ago. So, public transportation is a make sense solution for like-minded people. It’s very helpful, very easy and surprisingly the transportation itself is getting better, many thanks to the government.

Using public transportation makes my time more worthy to spend. It’s not impossible that I managed to finish the book I read, I don’t need to see a long line of cars which makes me sick everytime I see it or I’m able to take a quick nap before I reach my destination. This is what I like, so I don’t have to waste my time and doing nothing while on a trip.

In Jakarta, there are some public transportations I use from where I stay to reach the office:

1. Ojek Pangkalan (OPang)

When I first moved to Jakarta, I use OPang to bring me to the place where I can get Metromini which we can find it around Sudirman. I was staying in Setiabudi-Kuningan for 6 months back then. So, OPang is a non-fixed fare transportation that use a motorcycle and mostly driven by a man. *pic to be continued*

2. Metromini

The form of Metromini is like a bus with no air conditioner. It use diesel fuel to operate it which is will produce air pollution in such a big amount. The fixed fare is around Rp 4.000,- for one trip with non-fixed distance.

3. Busway

I use this transportation most of the time when I was staying in Mampang Prapatan. Busway is my favorite transportation because it has air conditioner, proper seats, less crowd and the most important is, it has its own track which keep the passengers off of the traffic. And at least, I am able to read book quietly.

4. Online Transportation (Gojek/Grab/Uber)

Yes, I have all these three applications on my phone. I like to compare the fare before I make an order and take the cheapest price and I bet you do the same unless you have favorited one of them either because of the services or the faster pick up. However, I thank to the inventor who have created such a helpful thing.

If we compare to Ojek Pangkalan (#1), online transportation price is the most affordable which attracts most of us who need to reach our destination and arrived on time.

5. Commuter Line

My first experience to use this transportation was when I went to go to my friend’s home in South Tangerang. This transportion is the faster yet the cheapest and the most important is all the passenger don’t need to stuck in traffic. People are usually called this transportation as KRL in Bahasa. Since I moved to my uncle’s home, I use it for every single day. I like it but there is a life-challenge that I have to face i.e. jostling with other passengers. I’m always feel exhausted everytime I arrived at home, but as the time goes by I get used to it. People may say how hard my trip is to reach the office, but it’s no longer a big deal. I’m a big girl now.


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