Every time people ask me about what I don’t like, there are many things popped out in my mind. I consider myself as a slightly cynical and grumpy kind of person. I surely don’t like how my brain works because it can’t please everyone, but how can I stop it? I just want to be genuine, no hypocrisy for every single life aspects. I complain through almost many things. So, down below are few things that might make you agree or disagree with me:

People who feel sorry to the wrong person.

A couple of weeks ago, my flat mates and I went to a shopping mall for groceries. So, we use online transportation to get there. A friend offers to use a discount code she got from her friend. The fixed fare was Rp 26.000,- for one way trip, after she enters the code then the fare automatically changed into Rp 2.000,-. So, logically we pay the driver only for Rp 2.000,-, right? Then she asks me how much we pay for the driver, I answered her straight that we will pay him for Rp 2.000,-. But the funny thing is, she got slightly shocked at the moment and says that it’s too cheap to pay the driver with only Rp 2.000,- because she felt sorry about the driver. I might sound stingy, but whatever.

Well, for me it doesn’t make sense. How is it possible that the price was too cheap? It’s indeed cheaper than before she enters the voucher but what was the discount code she got for if she didn’t agree afterwards? Isn’t the company aim to make the customers more convenience in order to improve their services by gaining customers satisfaction? Didn’t she think that it’s part of marketing strategy to gain more customers? Then I tell her, if she feels sorry about the driver, think about poor people out there who has no money to survive, people who has no food to eat, people who has no place to live and those unlucky people out there. I was silent along the way back home after I told her that. Didn’t she realize that the driver has a job? This is what I have always complained about people who claimed they are well educated. Well, I don’t claim that I am well educated but I’m just using my brain.

People who littering around.

Everyday, I use public transportation, it’s called Busway. I usually sit in front line seat of the bus so I can enjoy the view of the street, the people, the vehicles that passing by, the trees, the buildings, or to check the driver what he’s doing everytime we stuck in traffic. One day, there was a young driver, maybe he is middle 20ish. He turns up music volume from his smartphone loudly which made my ears get a bit sore, and the songs he played was annoying but surprisingly I didn’t complain about it because I think people enjoyed it. He ate boiled peanuts at that moment and guess what bothered me? He threw away the nuts’ shell out of the window which made me furious!! I was staring at him for minutes to make an eye contact which I aimed to admonish him, but he didn’t notice. I couldn’t hold it and asked him straight to stop it anyway.

Maybe for him it’s not a big deal to littering the garbage around because he might thought that the street janitor will sweep out all the garbage. Okay, he may be right, but how if thousand people do the same thing? Meanwhile, they keep complaining about the flood that might caused by the garbage they have thrown away. I wish I have Doraemon and borrow a magic tool like a flashlight, a tool to make people’s brain works properly, so by the time I point it out the light straight to the people’s head then the light goes inside to their brain and voila!

Girls who complain about gaining weight.

Every time I heard or read this kind of status on social media complaining about this, I laughed my arse off. It’s totally funny yet kinda make me sick. Seriously, why they are so lazy to apply healthy life for the sake of their own body to lose weight? Everytime I meet my friends, they’d say, “It looks like you lose weight a bit? Are you on diet?”/”How is it possible, you eat a lot but you don’t gain so much weight?”/”Wow, you look fresh today!”. Anyway, I thanked them for all the compliments and I’m not on any kind of diet. It’s just about dedication that I have to avoid unhealthy food.

Please take my simple advice. First, pay attention about what you consume for daily basis. Choose boiled food instead of fried or roasted food. Second, drink water at least 8 glasses a day; 2 glasses straight after you get up in the morning (Japanese people take 4 glasses in the morning to keep their skin glowing), 1 glass at brunch, 1 glass at lunch, 1 glass at 3 pm, 1 glass at 5 pm, 1 glass at dinner and 1 glass at night (one hour before sleep to reduce heart attack risk). Third, avoid all kind of processed sugar food/snacks & beverage i.e. snacks and soft drink, take juice without sugar/milk instead. Eat less food that contains carbohydrate; oatmeal/granola & yogurt for breakfast and add some fruits, rice for one plate at lunch and a half at dinner (5-7 pm and stop eating after this hour), don’t take more rice if you are still hungry, take fruits or just drink more water. Fourth, don’t be lazy to move your ass! Pardon my language. Doing exercise is very important, at least take a walk for 15-30 minutes a day. There are many simple exercise videos on the internet to burn calories. Once again, it’s about dedication. These steps will make your body stay in shape, you will get your skin glowing, trust me. Do it for every single day and thank me later.


This thing is such a huge cancer. All of human being have this ‘cancer’ inside their mind. I would never ever agree to all form of racism. Why people judge others through their skin colours, races or even religions nowadays? I’m so sick of this!

People who ignores the rules.

One day, when I took a busway to return back to my flat, I met two girls–let’s call them millennials–who brought food inside the bus and ate it during the trip. The smell was covering all over the bus. Then automatically I made a few cynical gazes (like usual) at them, deliberately. Didn’t they read about the rules that stick to the bus’ window which explains that the passenger are not allowed to eat/drink/smoke inside the bus? Beside it’ll produce weird scent inside the bus and disturbing all passengers’ comfort, it will fouled the bus scope. I was mad. But then they finally stop it and out of the bus.

People who have memory issues.

I don’t blame people who has this issues, it happens to me sometimes because we have many things running inside our head. But tell me how to deal with this? I literally wanna cry everytime I remind them about what they have been told me or they have promised or what they have done to me but they didn’t remember it at all. It’s disappointing. Should I write it down on the note complete with the date, hour and their initials, so they will remember again once I show them the note? *sigh*

People who spit around!

Seriously, people? It’s disgusting! Do it in fckin toilet!

People who has body odour issues.

I’m so sorry, I seriously can’t stand with this. There is a new intern guy at office who has this issues, I couldn’t help myself when he approaches and talk to me. Ugh! Didn’t he have time to take a shower in the morning before started the day? Or at least applying deodorant.

People talk something bad behind people they don’t know = gossiping (?)

I sometimes do gossiping too–but only with my best friends, but I don’t like talk about people whom I know based on their social media unless how weird they react to something, then I’ll tell it to my best friend and laugh about it together. It seems most people nowadays value others based on what they see on the surface. They talk about people they don’t know based on the idea they have posted on their social media.

One day, I met a friend, we haven’t mingled for years. Out of nowhere she asks me about my friend’s sister who I found her style cool and bold. She mentioned that my friend’s sister–let say Melati because I have a friend whose real name is Mawar, looking perfect only on the picture she saw on Instagram. She used to be a cool friend until she mentioned it which makes me completely down. Even if you are The Duchess of Cambridge, you can’t say that, my friend.

So, that’s a few things I don’t like (that’s all I can remember so far) but mostly about human behaviour which sometimes happen to me too but I keep trying to make a change to be a better person for every single day. *cross finger*



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