Korean Festival

Last week, my friends and I decided to spend our weekend together. We have chosen Lotte Shopping Avenue mall as the meeting point. I hate being the last person who came late to any occasion either formal or informal, but I have asked my friends for their permission because it was my first day getting monthly period, and thankfully they are such understanding girls.

They will be at Starbucks while waiting for my decision to join them or not. By the time I arrived, I found Cathy were helping Riu smearing nail polish to her nails, because she’s an expertise of it, while Septi were still looking for me. That day, I brought a gift for Cathy I bought couple of weeks ago because her birthday was in the beginning of the month and this is the only chance I have to give it to her.

We didn’t expect that there was a Korean festival ongoing. I heard that LO-VE (stands for Lotte Shopping Avenue) is a mall which has the most Korean visitor. No wonder Korean people have always carried out the event at this place. I don’t know what they have presented on previous events but today they presented some of traditional stuff e.g. dancing, a group of elementary students sang some of Korean songs, a band of some old men sang in Korean, some woman worn Hanbok and offered us to taste their traditional snack called Hangwa and Korean teas.

Down below are some pictures I have taken by my phone.

Another pictures to be continued.

I’ve just found out that Korean people are not that friendly like if we want to take a picture with them, for instance I had chitchat with a Korean kid–in English of course, while he was playing online game on his smartphone with his friends surrounded him, I asked him whether is it possible to take a selfie with them, surprisingly he refused it straight away.

However, this is interesting, I must learn how their parents and teachers taught them how not to being friendly with strangers you meet when you are not around your parents. And another thing that I’m envious about is they speak English fluently at the very early age.

End of story.



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