Saturday night in Yogyakarta

Saturday night in Yogyakarta for xx times–I barely remember how many time I’ve spent my Saturday night in Yogya, but I guess its 3-4 times.

As I’ve been written on my previous post slightly about Yogyakarta–or you can simply click this link, I met a friend. Meike, that’s the way she used to be called. I have no idea, but, I’d like to have a long conversation with this girl. I’ve learned many things from her point of view towards many things.

First meeting point was in Benteng Vredeburg that located next to Malioboro street. My brother took me to the place by motorcycle. The sun was shinning bright that day, or its just typical Yogya’s weather? Hmm, I think so. We arrived around 1 PM. While waiting for Meike, we took some pictures–oh I miss to spend my time with this no-longer little dude so much. There is a vintage cafe inside the museum as Meike told me through WhatsApp. The cafe itself names Indishe Cafe. I have always excited when it comes to vintage because its artistic and classy. Let me show you a few snapshot I’ve taken.

By the time I arrived, I fall in love straight of the ambience the owner has created, those vintage furnitures that he/she put on the right place make every corner looks completely like the time before the independence day, I guess. I chose the table next to a big window, near to some frames with old pictures that stick to the wall.


That day, I’ve ordered Java fried rice and lemon tea and Meike has ordered the same. While we were waiting for the menus to be served, Meike and I started exploring the cafe, you can see the pictures above. Then after that, we back to our seat and she started talk about when she was in Berlin while we were eating. I was very excited to hear about her story. She went to Berlin for academic stuff. She met a lot of people and experienced a few things. Honestly, I envy her. And she also met random p*nk dudes when she was in a train station, she said they were screaming at her and her friend. They were frightened. They don’t know about what they’ve shouted to them, it was spoken in Deutch. However, how lucky she is, isn’t she? I mean, she went to Germany, a country that I’ve always dreamt of and all I can hope is her dream will be come true in the future.


Actually, we didn’t have any plan where we will be headed after we finished our meals. Meike suggested to go to a famous knitted bag shop names Dowa which located near to the famous Tugu. But before that, we stop by to the famous shopping centre, Mirota Batik.

Mirota Batik has become the most visited place by tourist, either domestic visitors or even locals to find souvenirs for their family and friends. The shopping centre sells a lot of typical Javanese traditional stuff with affordable price, for instance; clothes–from casual to formal, accessories (unisex), statues, traditional games, bags with various material, footwears, aroma therapy, painting, cutleries, stationaries, and many more. I have found something for myself–as usual, some postcards and I’m not going to send these postcards edition to anyone because these ones is hard to find–pics to be continued. I didn’t buy things much, because from the beginning, the reason why I came to Yogyakarta was only to attend my brother’s graduation day.

After Mirota Batik, we headed to Honje restaurant which have the same location with Dowa shopping bag. Meike offers me two option to reach the place, either by walking or using local transportation such as Becak or Delman. I’d like walking through the street because I wanted to enjoy the environment along the Malioboro street and having some chit-chat while we were walking.


After walking approximately for 45 minutes, we arrived at Dowa. I didn’t take pictures because I think its not allowed. Then we continued to go upstairs to Honje restaurant. This cafe has modern style, not so many furniture, only chairs, tables, flowers, unique floors and some colourful wall display. That time, I ordered only strawberry juice, I was not quite hungry, Meike has ordered churros and redler. We have chosen the table next to a big window (again), so the wind could blow inside through it. While we were waiting for the menu, there are few things happened at the moment. We saw a group of girls were taking pictures with some different angles, a couple took some we-(sel)fie together, then about a few minutes later, there are few old whites came and sat on the reserved table–I guess it was semi-formal occasion, and I saw two locals following them. A few minutes before raindrops, a familiar famous female blogger came with her colleague, I guess, and they sat right next to us. I whispered to Meike that the familiar lady is Trinity. Meike barely recognized her and apparently she was a bit surprised when she saw Trinity with her new-modern-like most of Jakartans female’s style. Indeed, she looks different, a bit more stylish than before, but we didn’t take picture with her because I already had one.

After the rain stop, we continued our cafe-tour in Prawirotaman street. We reached the place by using a non-fare cab and took around 15 minutes. Meike considers that this place is similar to Legian street in Bali because there are some stores spread in two sides of the road, homestays, etc. But unfortunately, I didn’t take pictures while we were there because of low light and it will looks different if I take picture of it with using the light of my phone. So, I will put some pictures I’ve gotten from the internet.


We were walking along the road, stopping by from a store to another store–but we found nothing, hehehe, typicall girls who get enough only by window shopping. I’ve found some stores that sell things with affordable price than stores in Bali. I think I have to come again to this place one day. The next stop is a western cafe names Aglioo. The cafe use dim lights, so it was impossible to take some snapshots of the place.

This is how Aglioo cafe looks like.


Meike wants to show me some famous places which were filmed by AADC2 the movie crew–I haven’t watched it anyway, but it was impossible due to the number of people visiting that small cafe, so we passed it and continued to another place names Greenhost. Its a hotel which its hall were managed by AADC2 the movie crew as a painting exhibition hall where Rangga and Cinta meet again for the first time after ten years. So, Meike and I only took some wefie as the farewell while I was waiting for my brother to pick me up and go back to the lodging.

That was my Saturday night story when I was in Yogyakarta. It was endearly fun. I hope someday, I will coming back to this memorable city again with different people/person.


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