Pissed off

Last night when I was about to sleep, I received a message from a colleague–a married guy with one kid, FYI. He asks about have I started to work or not yet? Less than a minute another new message popped up on my mobile screen. It was him again. He asks about did I bring some local snacks from my hometown or not? Because he meant to stop by to my flat to get it himself. I said, I didn’t have any chances to buy it. Two minutes later, another message popped up, and it was him again. He offers me to go somewhere around Jakarta with him and he wants to know where I stay.

I am pissed off. I didn’t expect that he asked me such things. I guess it is not an appropriate for a married guy. I get offended, I can hardly bear it and I was almost lose my temper but manage to calm myself down. I told him that the place where I stay is not allowing male guest to come visit. I hope it is a right way to give him a warning. I know, although I cannot judge him whether he is trying to be nice to people or whatever it is you name it, but still it is not an appropriate thing of a married guy.

For me, it will never be an easy thing when it comes to faithfulness in a marriage. Turns out life after marriage is way more complicated than I have imagined–it might be sound too much because I haven’t experienced it yet, but I guess there are a few habit that we used to do but we have to change it before we are getting married, I assumes. For example, making a good relationship to everyone. All of married couple are possible to make friends with whoever they want, either females or males–because it is human rights to socialize. But in this case it’s totally different. I mean the connection between wife and husband is a fragile thing. We have to sorting out which people we enjoy being friend with and people who will/want to understand our marriage life.

These past months I’ve got a few kind of this thing. I got bothered by a few married guy at my office. It makes me uncomfortable. I know they are well educated, but do they know how to treat women?


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