Two things I like about The Conjuring 2

So, the last movie I have watched at the cinema was The Conjuring 2. There were less than twenty people watch this movie, maybe I came to the cinema during weekdays which most of people were prefer return back straight to their home or they just don’t fancy horror movie. I was a bit curious about this movie before a friend asks me to join him. It is not about how the ghosts will be look like, but because I am interested on how the story has happened back then–the movie based on true story.

I am trying not to believe that the movie is based on true story, but I have always failed. I looks like a real one, amazing!

Horror movie never got me scared at all except how the way Suzanna staring at some people or objects on the movie, hahaha… The sound effect of the horror movie sometimes freaks me out–but only if I watch it at the cinema. Maybe even it appears right in front of my face, I will only say like, “don’t scare the hell out off me, go away!”. 😀
Anyway, two things I like about this movie is:
1). The story itself has happened  in Enfield, England–which I have always love to see anything related to Europe. What I really like about England is the culture, the British accent, the tradition, the landmark, the movies, etc.
2). The second is about the soundtrack. It will always about it and because of the story of the movies has happened in the latest 70’s so the songs are adjusting as the soundtrack of the movie. I have also seen there are many poster of Elvis Persley were tacked on the wall of the girls bedroom, I think it was a glorious time of him. And I do love Elvis.
Honestly, I don’t fancy horror movie that much, but thriller is ok. I confess that I am just curious about what the director is trying to show us about something thrilling such as ghosts, the story, the place where the story happen, the sound effect, the cinematography that possibly scares the audience.
There is one thing that entertain people after the movie released–even the people who have not watched the movie yet doing the same thing too. So, a week ahead, a ghost called Valak is surprisingly become one of a famous ghost until now. Some of Indonesian creatives are always sucessfully make a lot of meme about her/him? I am not sure. If you curious about her/him, you can check this link out here, here, and here. I hope you guys will enjoy her memes.

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