The Big Bad Wolf book sale 2016


Last week, Indonesia has two public holidays. Its on Thursday and Friday. It was Islam and Christian big day. So, that was a long weekend for us. A week before, I have tried to browse hostelry in Yogyakarta on the internet. A firend–whom I should have met in Yogyakarta few months ago informed me an affordable price of lodging. Then I started browsing the official website afterwards–in case there is any cancellation booked. While I am waitingfor their information, I was looking for the train tickets. And once again, I did not see any luck, the tickets are sold out. 😦

I was sad and wondering where should I spend my precious long weekend that rarely happens each year. On the same day, a colleague approach to my desk, we had a little chit-chat and she asks me about my plan for the long weekend. I told her about the hotel and train tickets, then she suggests me to go to a book fair that started since 30 April and will be ended on 8 May. The book fair will open for 24 hours. This information were amusing me a little bit. Many thanks to Mbak Devy.

Picture taken by myself. Not a kind of high quality pic.

On Saturday, I decide to go to The Big Bad Wolf book fair in ICE Serpong, South Tangerang. It is the great book sale in the world with 75%-80% discount! When I was there, the building was full of book fetish, they look very excited. I also saw many foreigners came to grab the books, becuase who will waste this event? Mostly the books are written in English with price start from IDR 20k which we will never find it in bookstore.

That day, I went to ICE by using train and Ojek. I am surprised that the building were nearly full of people. In Jakarta, you will see a big numbers of book hnters than other cities. I have noticed that people were eager to pick the books they want to buy.

I have got nine books for only 455k.



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