The difference

Why there’s such a rule that forbid people to live together with different faith?

I don’t blame the rules that have been written on the holy bibles. It is just a random question appears in my mind in all of a sudden from past few months. Firstly, I have to confess that I was afraid being friend with a Jew. What I know and what I’ve been taught is they want to control the world until the end. But so far, the rumors about it is not true.

Let’s straight to the point. Its obviously has written in Koran about marriage regulation. And I’ve read about disallowance of a woman marry to a non-muslim man. But why it allows a man marry to a non-muslim woman? Don’t you think that is not fair? No offense, but for me this is non sense. But I am pretty sure that most people must have the same reasons as mine, but I am not going to tell it in here.

One day, I ask my Mum, how if I marry to a non-muslim guy in the future? It was shocks her at first, she was about to cry and persuaded me to keep on the track. But still, how if God choose a non-muslim guy to be my partner of life?

Actually, the reason I talk about this is not because I want to be married with a non-muslim guy, but who knows? For the God sake, its just a random question that I still cannot find the answer yet which could possibly convince me more. I still have no idea, why I keep questioning this thing? Sometimes I wonder, how if I meet a non-muslim guy in the future and we connect to each other? How if he has a lot of similarity with me? How if he also has the same vision of the future as me? I will never know where God will lead me to. I guess keep praying to Him is the best way.

Another question appear in my mind afterwards, “Do I have to feel guilty for the rest of my life if I marry to a non-muslim guy? Would that be easy?”

I’ve asked certain people this question. Half of them say, “Why don’t you live life simply normal just like the others and keep following the rules that have been written on the bible?”. Don’t you think it sounds boring to live life like a normal? I mean, you only live once. We have a big amount of opportunities to try something we haven’t tried. I, personally, try as hard as possible to not being a two-faced kind of person. As I know, there are a lot of people I know for years turn out to be such as douchebag. I promise to myself to only follow what my heart about what is right/wrong like I used to, choose the options of life based on what I believe. Honestly, what I’ve explained today doesn’t mean I get an impact towards someone or what I’ve read.

But surprisingly the other half said, “The choice is in your hands, darling. Do what will makes you happy, because we only live once!”. Actually, I hardly want my closest people say the same way too and makes such an encouragement about what I will choose for my life.
Nonetheless, it shocked me a bit, why having that kind of question cannot be a normal thing for certain people? We definitely have different perspective to see things around us, accepting things that we think it makes sense. Yes, its definitely hard. And we basically grew up in various background. I thought we, as human being, have to respect to each other about people’s life decision, which is called human rights.
Last but not least, I hope, when I decide to be something (lol, to be a Cat Woman, perhaps?) or to own something in the future will not makes my closest people stay away from me and I wish they will always be there to support me anytime I need them to, no matter what happen. OK, that’s my random questions and explanations that perhaps make you think like what was happened to myself?

Well, its already 1 AM, no wonder why I keep yawning during writing this post. I guess I’ll see you tomorrow or the day after tomorrow with different topic. Talk later, blog.



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