Attending Chinese wedding

Disclaimer: This post will be far from racism, so I beg you an apologize to mention one of race in this post as an attemption to point out that we how beautiful it is to be surrounded by the diversity.

Singkawang – West Kalimantan is an island that has various races of population such as; Melayu, Dayak, Madura and Tionghoa. One day, a high school class mate intvites me and my friends to her wedding. Her (official) husband were also went to the same high school with me but he was in different class with my friends who I came to the wedding with. Both of them are Tionghoa. This is my very first time attending a Chinese wedding ceremonial and I found some things that make it different with Indonesian typical wedding.

First, is about choosing the right color of envelope. A friend told me, if we want to give them money, we have to use red color. Because red symbolize as blissfulness and luck whereas white envelope symbolize as misery like death ceremonial. Interesting though. Second, while in the middle of the party, the official couple came to approach their family and friends at the hall to make some pictures. But in local wedding, the couple will approach and gather with their friends after the party ended. Third, is about the songs. In Chinese wedding, the band will playing most of western and Chinese songs. But I think it depends on the taste. I have been attending some of Indonesian weddings of my friends and my parents’ friends’ children that mostly they choose Indonesian songs and Dangdut to entertain the guests. FYI, Dangdut is one of Indonesian famous genre. If you are curious about Dangdut, you can check it out on YouTube. As we (Indonesian) know that Dangdut is a-must thing to be played in wedding reception and mostly requested by old people. Usually, the parents have to contribute to sing along with the band to celebrate the happy moment and to entertain the guests. Fourth, guest’s dress. I have noticed that all of my Tionghoa friends are using clothing office. I think they’re just want to wear what makes them comfortable and simple. It’s not like most of Indonesian

The rest is just the same. Unfortunately, my friends and I have missed an important scene where the couple kissing to each other as a sign that they both are official as husband and wife. But in Islam, the groom only allows to kiss the bride’s forehead in front of the guests, because kissing to each other’s lips in front of the guests is taboo.

I have taken some pics of my friends in high school. They are beautiful Amoy I’ve met. From left to right: Septi, me, Cathy, Dorkas Lie, ?, Megawati, Bun Jovita, Tokhifui, Martina Bongso, ?, Listiyeni, Bong Maylin, Bong Miki, Lidya Chandra

I think it has been more than ten years I have not met these beautiful Amoy since I moved. I was very excited because I also catch up with some of my former classmates. A few of them are married and having kids, some are still single just like me. Oh! I have noticed something that maybe I will take it as a new lesson, that my Chinese friends (especially girls) didn’t apply too much make-up on their face and I realised that some of them didn’t even apply lipstick on their lips or maybe just lip balm. Simple.

Anyway, sometimes I am wondering how cool to live from a city to another city, because I’m not only get a new experience but also new friends from different races. I am so grateful.

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