Smile I adore

Yesterday, I went to Plaza Semanggi (Plangi) straight after office hour to looking for girl’s stuff with a friend by Busway. Before we reached the building, we walked across the crossing bridge for pedestrian, then I met a little boy who sell a bunch of handmade key chain. One thing I noticed when I am staring at him is his smile. He kept smiling sincerely to the people who walk passed him while offering the key chains to them. Unfortunatelly, not so many people noticed him, maybe he is just too short to be noticed.

Everytime I went to the Plangi, I have always wished that he will be there and buying at least one of the stuff he sells. It was literally surprised me that he was there and I approached him quickly. I bought a green Kero Keropi’s head key chain that made by flannel fabric. I could not hold myself to pop him some questions–like where he stay, his age, whose accompany him to come to this place, his hobbies, and so on.

He answers my curiosity with his typical beautiful smile on his face that I adore. He says that he started ‘working’ at 3 pm and returned back to home which locaterd in Bekasi at 9 pm. Wow, I am surprised, Bekasi is not close from Jakarta. How he can managed to do that? Unbelievable. I am wondering, how tough his life is while most of boys of his age are still enthusiast with playing around with their friends, toys, etc. This little guy has completely stolen my heart.

Down below are our my quick chit-chat:

Me:Hello, what are you selling?”

Fabian: “It’s key chains. One fro 25k, but if you purchase two, you can pay it only for 40k because of Christmas sale.”

He amaze me how the way he explains the price and discount. Then we continued talking. I’ve got the information that he came to that place with his father who also working near to the bridge. He didn’t mention what kind of job his father has. He such a brave little guy. I couldn’t compare this little one to most of boys who has the same age as him, this one is different.

I personally envy of the spirit he has to struggle and face the life. Nothing comes easy, I must say. Dear little Fabian, you are an amazing little boy I’ve ever met.

Ps: I forgot to take a selfie with him, but I will make it next time when I meet him again.

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