No longer a young adult

Is today I am turning … years old? I barely can believe it. I feel like I am still a teenager. Well, age is just a number, isn’t it? And there is nothing to worry about. Life must go on, be blessed and I am trying to surround myself with positive vibes as much as possible. Life has been taught me plenty of things from A-Z these past few months and I would not ever again spend my life with tears and things that could possibly lead me to sorrow.

Last year, I have spent my birthday crying every single day because there were a few things did not work the way I wanted to. Now I regret of what I have ever done. Each day I kept trying to encourage myself to be a better person, praying and telling myself that everything happened for a reason. I believe, whatever taken from us or if we lose something we love the most, God will replace it with something better than you expect.

That moment literally taught me a lot.

Well, as a human being we should not be selfish and let go of things that does not belong to us. I must say it is hard, but I have to do that and get it all out of my life. Pretending that they do not exist would not set me free. I thought, some people were changed, but I was wrong. They were confused and trying to be a good person in such situation while I could not insist them to cheer me up everytime.

Being no-longer-a young adult, should I make a new priority list? Okay. Firstly, the most important thing is I will keep trying to get close to God. Secondly, it is also important that I have to pay attention is about healthy life issue, because now I currently living hundred miles away from home, that’s why I could not control the hygiene standard of meals I will take. The situation is going to be different if we live far away from home. Trust me, home made cook is way more healthy rather than purchase it outside. I have no idea why people are so much into junk/fast food nowadays. I once heard a few young people say, “As long as they are still young, they will enjoy his life to eat whatever they want.”. *sigh* 😥

Third, I will keep trying to treat my parents the way they have always treated me like very very well in my entire life. Because no one will treat you better than your parents. Our parents will always be the best person(s) in our life. They will always be there through your good and bad times.

Fourth, I will keep trying to be a better person each day and treat people with sincere as good as possible *wink*, because you want people treat you the way you want to be treated, right? Fifth, as a human being, we shall share more to the poor people. Sixth, I will try to keep my body in shape, so I will try to go to gym center regularly or running in the afternoon with my friends.

That is all my new priority list to be achieved for EVERY.SINGLE.YEAR. As simple as it is.

And to all my friends who is surprisingly still remember my birthday–because who am I to be remembered all the time? I am very thankful to have such good friends like you, you, you and you. And to the people who have always beside me when I fall to the lowest point of life, I am very honor to have you guys in my life ❤ . Thank you very much. Now, let me to congratulate my self,



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