I miss you, Dad

Every time I talk about anything that relate to my parents, it will become a slight sensitive.

I remember my Dad in all of a sudden. We only talk like once in a week, on weekend. Since my father got retired from his job a couple of years ago, he spend his day by day in peacefulness, quiet and he keep trying to get closer to God which makes my mom so much relieved. I thank to God for this. But, I feel sorry about a few of his friends who serve a sentence in prison because they have done something wrong. And once more, I thank to God that He didn’t let my father involved.

Today, I remember about a night when I was a kid. It was right after we had a usual family dinner. His flight was at midnight, that’s why he had to leave home earlier in order to anticipating the traffic issue. Mom and I accompanied him to the front door of our home. The cab that he has ordered through public phone were waiting. He went to Japan for official assignment. I was sad, because he used to have storytelling every night before I go to sleep. I asked him to return home as quick as possible, then he landed me a kiss on my forehead, and I hugged him as tight as possible. I was hurt when I saw him waves to us, seeing his back and watched him walking away. As I remember, he traveled for like a couple of weeks or so, which means it’s a quite long time for a 6-year-old girl to wait.

Every time he was abroad, we didn’t talk either through phone or internet, because it costs a lot of money, so we didn’t know when he returned home. I’ve asked Mom every single day when my Dad will be home. I can barely remember what Mom had answered. By the time he came home, it became a huge surprise for us. The most important thing for us that he never forgot to buy us toys. The first toy he bought from Japan for me was a cute electronic clown doll which became my first fancy toy. My brother had gotten a big electronic jet plane complete with the remote control to operate the plan itself. Both toys were the fanciest things we had that our Dad could afford.

My Dad is a quiet kind of person, but, I still remember his widest smile by the time he handed us the toys he bought for us. I saw the brightest-full-of-love smile on his face, I think this is what called true love.

However, there are plenty moments between my Dad and I that could bring my tears coming down if I write it in here. I think I just long for the the moment I’ve spent with him. Now, his hair turns grey, his face got wrinkled. I really miss those bed stories like he did every night. I hope someday you will share those fairytale stories to your grandkids, eventhough I know that you’re not good at it, hehe.

Happy Father’s Day
Words could not describe how much I love you and how much I miss you and I will always be your little daughter.

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