First post


This is gonna be my first post on this blog. I have lost my previous blog last year. was my personal online journal that I’ve built since 2009. I know it was my fault because I didn’t use Gmail account as the email address and I forgot to change it, perhaps? So, that was maybe one of make sense a reason why Google has deleted my previous blog.

It may be sounds too much, but losing a blog as my part of life makes me feel a little bit miserable and disoriented. It is like losing a job or getting fired and those kind of feelings that could bring me down.

It’s not about what I’ve been written on it–because I have always save it on my notebook, but its about the laziness to rebuild a new one. It’s hard to let it go, but I have to.

Blogging makes me happy, for instance like blog-walking to another blogger’s blog, read their whole story from the beginning, drop some comments on it, and it’s not impossible that we can make friend through this platform. It is indeed interesting, exciting and fun how internet could connects people from various countries just simply by blogging.

For me and for all bloggers in the entire world, blog is like a personal journal of life which we can reveal our excitement moments/joys/affections, sharing life experiences that we’ve been through, what we like or what we don’t like, what we agree or disagree, sharing pictures that represent of what we feel, that maybe people around us doesn’t even care of what we feel but people from the internet will. If only there is someone who read this blog, feel free to drop a comment and let’s be friends.




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