Every time people ask me about what I don’t like, there are many things popped out in my mind. I consider myself as a slightly cynical and grumpy kind of person. I surely don’t like how my brain works because it can’t please everyone, but how can I stop it? I just want to be genuine, no hypocrisy for every single life aspects. I complain through almost many things. So, down below are few things that might make you agree or disagree with me:

People who feel sorry to the wrong person.

A couple of weeks ago, my flat mates and I went to a shopping mall for groceries. So, we use online transportation to get there. A friend offers to use a discount code she got from her friend. The fixed fare was Rp 26.000,- for one way trip, after she enters the code then the fare automatically changed into Rp 2.000,-. So, logically we pay the driver only for Rp 2.000,-, right? Then she asks me how much we pay for the driver, I answered her straight that we will pay him for Rp 2.000,-. But the funny thing is, she got slightly shocked at the moment and says that it’s too cheap to pay the driver with only Rp 2.000,- because she felt sorry about the driver. I might sound stingy, but whatever.

Well, for me it doesn’t make sense. How is it possible that the price was too cheap? It’s indeed cheaper than before she enters the voucher but what was the discount code she got for if she didn’t agree afterwards? Isn’t the company aim to make the customers more convenience in order to improve their services by gaining customers satisfaction? Didn’t she think that it’s part of marketing strategy to gain more customers? Then I tell her, if she feels sorry about the driver, think about poor people out there who has no money to survive, people who has no food to eat, people who has no place to live and those unlucky people out there. I was silent along the way back home after I told her that. Didn’t she realize that the driver has a job? This is what I have always complained about people who claimed they are well educated. Well, I don’t claim that I am well educated but I’m just using my brain.

People who littering around.

Everyday, I use public transportation, it’s called Busway. I usually sit in front line seat of the bus so I can enjoy the view of the street, the people, the vehicles that passing by, the trees, the buildings, or to check the driver what he’s doing everytime we stuck in traffic. One day, there was a young driver, maybe he is middle 20ish. He turns up music volume from his smartphone loudly which made my ears get a bit sore, and the songs he played was annoying but surprisingly I didn’t complain about it because I think people enjoyed it. He ate boiled peanuts at that moment and guess what bothered me? He threw away the nuts’ shell out of the window which made me furious!! I was staring at him for minutes to make an eye contact which I aimed to admonish him, but he didn’t notice. I couldn’t hold it and asked him straight to stop it anyway.

Maybe for him it’s not a big deal to littering the garbage around because he might thought that the street janitor will sweep out all the garbage. Okay, he may be right, but how if thousand people do the same thing? Meanwhile, they keep complaining about the flood that might caused by the garbage they have thrown away. I wish I have Doraemon and borrow a magic tool like a flashlight, a tool to make people’s brain works properly, so by the time I point it out the light straight to the people’s head then the light goes inside to their brain and voila!

Girls who complain about gaining weight.

Every time I heard or read this kind of status on social media complaining about this, I laughed my arse off. It’s totally funny yet kinda make me sick. Seriously, why they are so lazy to apply healthy life for the sake of their own body to lose weight? Everytime I meet my friends, they’d say, “It looks like you lose weight a bit? Are you on diet?”/”How is it possible, you eat a lot but you don’t gain so much weight?”/”Wow, you look fresh today!”. Anyway, I thanked them for all the compliments and I’m not on any kind of diet. It’s just about dedication that I have to avoid unhealthy food.

Please take my simple advice. First, pay attention about what you consume for daily basis. Choose boiled food instead of fried or roasted food. Second, drink water at least 8 glasses a day; 2 glasses straight after you get up in the morning (Japanese people take 4 glasses in the morning to keep their skin glowing), 1 glass at brunch, 1 glass at lunch, 1 glass at 3 pm, 1 glass at 5 pm, 1 glass at dinner and 1 glass at night (one hour before sleep to reduce heart attack risk). Third, avoid all kind of processed sugar food/snacks & beverage i.e. snacks and soft drink, take juice without sugar/milk instead. Eat less food that contains carbohydrate; oatmeal/granola & yogurt for breakfast and add some fruits, rice for one plate at lunch and a half at dinner (5-7 pm and stop eating after this hour), don’t take more rice if you are still hungry, take fruits or just drink more water. Fourth, don’t be lazy to move your ass! Pardon my language. Doing exercise is very important, at least take a walk for 15-30 minutes a day. There are many simple exercise videos on the internet to burn calories. Once again, it’s about dedication. These steps will make your body stay in shape, you will get your skin glowing, trust me. Do it for every single day and thank me later.


This thing is such a huge cancer. All of human being have this ‘cancer’ inside their mind. I would never ever agree to all form of racism. Why people judge others through their skin colours, races or even religions nowadays? I’m so sick of this!

People who ignores the rules.

One day, when I took a busway to return back to my flat, I met two girls–let’s call them millennials–who brought food inside the bus and ate it during the trip. The smell was covering all over the bus. Then automatically I made a few cynical gazes (like usual) at them, deliberately. Didn’t they read about the rules that stick to the bus’ window which explains that the passenger are not allowed to eat/drink/smoke inside the bus? Beside it’ll produce weird scent inside the bus and disturbing all passengers’ comfort, it will fouled the bus scope. I was mad. But then they finally stop it and out of the bus.

People who have memory issues.

I don’t blame people who has this issues, it happens to me sometimes because we have many things running inside our head. But tell me how to deal with this? I literally wanna cry everytime I remind them about what they have been told me or they have promised or what they have done to me but they didn’t remember it at all. It’s disappointing. Should I write it down on the note complete with the date, hour and their initials, so they will remember again once I show them the note? *sigh*

People who spit around!

Seriously, people? It’s disgusting! Do it in fckin toilet!

People who has body odour issues.

I’m so sorry, I seriously can’t stand with this. There is a new intern guy at office who has this issues, I couldn’t help myself when he approaches and talk to me. Ugh! Didn’t he have time to take a shower in the morning before started the day? Or at least applying deodorant.

People talk something bad behind people they don’t know = gossiping (?)

I sometimes do gossiping too–but only with my best friends, but I don’t like talk about people whom I know based on their social media unless how weird they react to something, then I’ll tell it to my best friend and laugh about it together. It seems most people nowadays value others based on what they see on the surface. They talk about people they don’t know based on the idea they have posted on their social media.

One day, I met a friend, we haven’t mingled for years. Out of nowhere she asks me about my friend’s sister who I found her style cool and bold. She mentioned that my friend’s sister–let say Melati because I have a friend whose real name is Mawar, looking perfect only on the picture she saw on Instagram. She used to be a cool friend until she mentioned it which makes me completely down. Even if you are The Duchess of Cambridge, you can’t say that, my friend.

So, that’s a few things I don’t like (that’s all I can remember so far) but mostly about human behaviour which sometimes happen to me too but I keep trying to make a change to be a better person for every single day. *cross finger*


Farewell, Chester Bennington

Checking news portal everytime I woke up in the morning become one of my routine before starting the day and I do it for every single day. It was on last Friday, I checked the Twitter timeline to update what’s going on. The Linkin Park’s frontman, Chester Bennington, was becoming number one world hastag that day. Then I opened all of the news that linked to him. I was shocked. Mr. Bennington has passed away. He was tragically found dead by hanged himself from a bedroom door at his own home. I’m devastated. 😥

According to the news, Mr. Bennington revealed his complex battle with depression in his final interview before he committed suicide. They informed that when he was a kid, he had been molested by an older male friend, being sexually abused as a seven years old, then his parents divorced when he was eleven, he also had history of drugs and alcohol abuse. Such a desolate childhood. I coulnd’t imagine how he had survived during that situation.

I am a big fan of the band since I was in junior high school. I grew up with their songs. I love their musics and lyrics they created, and its genuinely awesome. They’re such a genius band that you can barely find in recent showbiz world.

I have been mourning that day and my heart broke into million pieces, literally. I may not know him personally, but he lives in my heart and mind since then. Now I realized that all of the songs they’ve created are about depression that might happened to his/their life. I love you, Chester. We all do! You helped us to go through the hardest part of our life when we couldn’t brave enough to speak up as a teenager. You such an inspiration person.

My heart goes out to his family, friends, and Mike Shinoda/Brad Delson/Joe Hahn/Dave Farrel/Rob Bourdon. May your soul rest in peace, Sir.



Contemplation of being late 20s

Hi July, finally we meet again.

July is the middle month of a year. The month of independence day of Uncle Sam. The month which students get their summer break and spend thier quality time with their loved ones. The perfect month for Bules to get their skin tanned in Bali. The month when my Mum gave birth to a girl whom owned this blog. The month that happen to be my birthday which I don’t really like when people congratulate me, because I’m getting old. Honestly, I don’t really like this month. I don’t like the sunny kinda weather, because I’ll get sweat a lot. It’s also not a perfect month to contemplate or to look back to the past years and think about what I had or had not achive in my life.

Everyone must be have a long list of purposes to be achieved in their life. I have no idea, I don’t have any particular goals to be achieved. I think I’m too much enjoying my life as I am now like working from 8.30 am to 4.30 pm, then returned home, taking shower, buying dinner, watching tv or movie until fall asleep, then wake up again in the next morning and do the same fuckin’ thing again like yesterday. Boring, I know.

Sometimes in life, we are busy picturing what we thought we wanted our future to be. Walking the path that will lead us towards it, but in the middle of it we realize that it’s not the life we really want. When reality hits, we have to deal with it.

I have a fine job which sometimes I’m able to watch a movie or browsing some rubbish on the internet during working hours. The job which help me to pay my bills. The job which help me to buy things that I want. I have people whom I call home to always cheer me up every time the things didn’t go I wanted to. I have a best friend who is like a sister I never had and really understanding about how weird I am to be friend with. I have a cousin which living in France but she never leaves me even I’m in my lowest point. I think that’s the only goal I have for life, it is being surrounded by the people who care about my existence. I’m not only happy, I am content. Thanks, God.

Stop Bullying

Akhir-akhir ini di media sosial sedang ramai membahas bullying. Bullying ini sebenarnya kata yang berasal dari bahasa Inggris. Merujuk pada Kamus Bahasa Indonesia ke Inggris, arti kata bully adalah perundungan. Namun, penggunaan kata perundungan sepertinya tidak populer dalam masyarakat Indonesia, khususnya masyarakat awam.

Dalam Kamus Besar Bahasa Indonesia edisi ke-5, rundung memiliki arti sebagai berikut:


[v], m.run.dung v (1) mengganggu; mengusik terus-menerus; menyusahkan: anak itu ~ ayahnya, meminta dibelikan sepeda baru; (2) menimpa (tt kecelakaan, bencana, kesusahan, dsn): ia tabah atas kemalangan yang telah ~nya.

Perundungan artinya suatu perlakuan yang mengganggu, megusik terus-menerus dan juga menyusahkan. Jadi bully adalah kata serapan atau biasa disebut dengan kata pungutan atau pinjaman yaitu kata-kata yang berasal dari bahasa asing yang telah terintegrasi ke dalam bahasa Indonesia dan telah diterima luas oleh masyarakat umum.

Sepertinya berita soal bullying selalu terus muncul. Pekan lalu ada beberapa berita mengenai bullying yang viral di media sosial. Berita pertama adalah bullying yang dilakukan oleh siswi SMP terhadap siswi kelas VI SD yang berlokasi di Thamrin City. Kejadian tersebut berawal karena adu mulut yang entah akar masalahnya disebabkan oleh apa. Dalam video yang viral, disebutkan dua orang pelaku menganiaya korban hingga jatuh tersungkur ke lantai. Saya menonton videonya terkejut, karena si pelaku menjambak rambut korban dengan cara membabi buta. Apakah dia tidak berpikir jika dia di posisi korban dan merasakan bagaimana sakitnya dijambak sedemikian rupa? Apakah dia tidak berpikir jika pihak sekolah dan orangtua akan tahu mengenai hal ini? Sekarang apa jadinya? Pelaku sudah dikeluarkan dari sekolah. Bukannya meraih prestasi sebanyak mungkin, dia malah membuat orangtuanya malu.

Kemudian berita bullying yang juga viral adalah, segelintir mahasiswa di salah satu universitas di Depok mem-bully temannya yang autis. Saya tidak habis pikir, mengapa masih ada orang yang setega itu mem-bully orang yang berbeda dari dia. Apakah mereka tidak diajarkan bahwa sebagai manusia makhluk hidup ciptaan Tuhan yang paling sempurna wajib memperlakukan manusia secara manusiawi? Jangankan sesama manusia, dalam ajaran agama saja kita diajarkan untuk mengasihi makhluk hidup lainnya. Apakah mereka tidak berpikir bagaimana susahnya, ribetnya, sebesar apa pengorbanan orangtua membesarkan anak-anak berkebutuhan khusus ini? Menyandang status sebagai mahasiswa ternyata tidak cukup mengubah seseorang untuk berperilaku santun.

Hal ini membuat saya bertanya-tanya, kira-kira hal apa sih yang menyebabkan pelaku ini tega memojokkan seseorang yang mereka anggap berbeda dari dia untuk dijadikan bahan candaan? Apakah mereka tidak dinasehati oleh orangtua atau guru-guru mereka untuk berperilaku baik terhadap siapapun? Saya tidak bermaksud untuk menyalahkan orangtua/guru dari pelaku, karena saya yakin bahwa tidak satu pun dari mereka mengajarkan anak/muridnya hal yang tidak baik. Saya rasa pembully belum mengerti tentang autis dan menganggap hal ini adalah suatu hal yang wajar untuk dijadikan bahan candaan.

Kenapa perilaku anak jaman sekarang agak sulit untuk dikontrol? Sewaktu saya masih kecil, saya tidak pernah menemukan kejadian seperti ini, semua aman, tentram dan terkendali. Tidak pernah ada kejadian, contohnya; murid sekolah A beradu mulut/saling mengolok dengan murid sekolah B karena hal yang tidak penting dan berujung perselisihan, justru sebaliknya, hal tersebut dapat memperluas pertemanan. Mungkin pernah saja ada, tapi saya tidak tahu karena mungkin saya adalah tipe anak rumahan atau dulu belum ada gadget dan hanya melihat berita sebatas TV saja.

Semasa kecil, saya dan teman-teman sibuk mengikuti kegiatan positif seperti memainkan permainan tradisional, bergabung dengan klub pecinta kesenian dan olahraga, bersepeda di sore hari, yang pasti melakukan kegiatan outdoor dimana kita bisa bebas berekspresi. Tidak seperti zaman sekarang dengan teknologi yang semakin canggih dan beragam, saya perhatikan banyak orangtua memanjakan anak-anak mereka dengan gadget sehingga membuat mereka asyik dengan dunianya sendiri dan tidak lagi punya waktu untuk bermain di luar.

Saya paham bagaimana rasanya jadi korban bullying karena saya pernah mengalami hal tersebut semasa kuliah. Saya pernah dicap/dilabeli dengan kata yang seolah-olah saya ini punya penyakit psikologis yang tidak tertolong lagi, padahal saya hanya ingin berteman. Saya juga pernah disidang, saya duduk di tengah-tengah dan mereka duduk mengelilingi saya seperti seolah-olah saya ini pelaku kriminal yang telah menyakiti temannya dan saya harus memohon maaf dari mereka. Dari dua kejadian tersebut membuat saya jadi tidak tidak percaya diri, lalu saya malas untuk ngampus dan merasa tidak bebas ‘bergerak’ karena khawatir dilabeli ‘bertingkah’ oleh mereka. Saya sedih terus-terusan dan merasa orang-orang di sekitar saya tidak nyaman/merasa terganggu akan keberadaan saya.

Mereka tidak tahu bagaimana heran dan sedihnya Ibu saya saat itu karena perilaku saya berubah menjadi semenyedihkan itu. Saya tidak bermaksud untuk mengungkit kembali kejadian yang pernah saya alami dan telah berlalu, saya memaafkan mereka, tapi sayangnya memaafkan tidak bisa melupakan apa yang telah terjadi.


Karena sama sekali tidak berguna dan mungkin saja suatu hari kalian membutuhkan pertolongan orang yang pernah kalian bully atau tidak menutup kemungkinan kalian akan mengalami hal yang serupa dikemudian hari. Saya percaya bahwa roda kehidupan selalu berputar, tidak selamanya kita ‘di atas’. What you give, you get, so as a human being always be kind and treat people equal. 🙂


Korean Festival

Last week, my friends and I decided to spend our weekend together. We have chosen Lotte Shopping Avenue mall as the meeting point. I hate being the last person who came late to any occasion either formal or informal, but I have asked my friends for their permission because it was my first day getting monthly period, and thankfully they are such understanding girls.

They will be at Starbucks while waiting for my decision to join them or not. By the time I arrived, I found Cathy were helping Riu smearing nail polish to her nails, because she’s an expertise of it, while Septi were still looking for me. That day, I brought a gift for Cathy I bought couple of weeks ago because her birthday was in the beginning of the month and this is the only chance I have to give it to her.

We didn’t expect that there was a Korean festival ongoing. I heard that LO-VE (stands for Lotte Shopping Avenue) is a mall which has the most Korean visitor. No wonder Korean people have always carried out the event at this place. I don’t know what they have presented on previous events but today they presented some of traditional stuff e.g. dancing, a group of elementary students sang some of Korean songs, a band of some old men sang in Korean, some woman worn Hanbok and offered us to taste their traditional snack called Hangwa and Korean teas.

Down below are some pictures I have taken by my phone.

Another pictures to be continued.

I’ve just found out that Korean people are not that friendly like if we want to take a picture with them, for instance I had chitchat with a Korean kid–in English of course, while he was playing online game on his smartphone with his friends surrounded him, I asked him whether is it possible to take a selfie with them, surprisingly he refused it straight away.

However, this is interesting, I must learn how their parents and teachers taught them how not to being friendly with strangers you meet when you are not around your parents. And another thing that I’m envious about is they speak English fluently at the very early age.

End of story.


Tanpa Smartphone

Kali ini saya akan menceritakan tentang perjuangan saya tanpa menggunakan Smartphone beberapa tahun yang lalu. Tsaahh!

Sewaktu saya kuliah dulu, smartphone yang paling canggih yang pernah saya punya adalah Blackberry, karena pada masa itulah Blackberry sedang berada di puncak kejayaannya. Saya menggunakan BB mostly hanya untuk BBM-an dan Twitter-an. Saya tidak suka mengakses Facebook dari BB karena layarnya terlalu kecil, apalagi untuk membuka blog. Setelah beberapa kali ganti BB dengan seri terbaru dan ujung-ujungnya selalu rusak/hilang, akhirnya saya menyerah untuk menggunakan BB dan memutuskan untuk menggunakan hp Samsung which is itu adalah hp hadiah dari Tv flat yang saya beli, dan fungsinya hanya untuk sms dan telepon. As simple as it is.

Dulu saya bangga akan diri saya sendiri, kenapa? Karena di jaman teknologi yang lagi gencar-gencarnya melakukan inovasi, saya bisa bertahan tidak menggunakan Smartphone selama kira-kira dua tahun. Saya juga heran, ternyata saya bisa juga melewati tantangan itu. Kira-kira ada gak ya orang yang bisa bertahan selama itu tanpa menggunakan smartphone? Saya sih ragu, tapi mungkin saja ada.

Alasan kenapa saya memutuskan untuk tidak menggunakan smartphone saat itu adalah karena saya bermaksud untuk mengukur sejauh mana ketergantungan saya terhadap barang tersebut. Selain saat itu status saya juga masih mahasiswi, pastinya belum bisa menghasilkan pundi-pundi rupiah untuk membeli gadget canggih. Alasan lainnya adalah bagaimana saya harus bisa melatih diri saya sendiri untuk menurunkan gengsi karena saya tidak punya smartphone sama sekali which is di setiap sudut mana pun yang saya amati semua orang sibuk dengan gadgetnya masing-masing, dan itu…. lumayan berat. Dulu saya pikir untuk stay in touch dengan keluarga, pacar dan temen-temen tidak harus punya smartphone, untungnya dulu masih ada talk mania (TM) dan kebetulan temen-temen dan keluarga saya di Makassar kebanyakan pengguna Tlkmsl, Lagi pula saya juga sudah dewasa dan menyadari kalau saya sudah terlalu banyak menyusahkan orangtua.

Contohnya waktu masih SMA, saya adalah pengguna setia N*kia, setiap ada keluaran seri terbaru, saya selalu merengek kayak anak kecil meminta untuk dibelikan dan hebatnya lagi beberapa hari kemudian apa yang saya inginkan terkabulkan. Setelah saya pikir-pikir lagi betapa egoisnya saya dulu, tidak memikirkan bagaimana susahnya Papah saya kerja banting tulang untuk memenuhi keinginan anak-anaknya. Saya mengambil hikmah dari masa-masa ini, I mean, setiap apa yang saya minta ke orangtua dan langsung dikabulkan membuat saya tersadar bahwa saya tidak boleh terus-terusan seperti itu. Saya juga berpikir jika suatu saat nanti saya memiliki anak, saya harus lebih bijak dari ortungtua saya dalam mendidik anak-anak saya kelak, harus lebih hati-hati lagi dalam mengenalkan mereka dengan teknologi.

Saya merasa selama saya tidak bergantung dengan smartphone, keseharian saya jadi jauh lebih bermakna, misalnya; saya jadi lebih banyak membaca buku dan artikel berita/blog-blog yang isinya bermanfaat (ini bacanya pake notebook ya), saya jadi lebih sering mampir ke toko buku ntah itu untuk mengecek buku apa yang lagi best seller atau menambah koleksi buku di rumah, intensitas berinteraksi dengan keluarga di rumah jadi lebih meningkat, kalau ‘nongkrong’ dengan temen-temen, saya lebih sering memerhatikan mimik wajah dan gerak tubuh mereka ketika mereka menceritakan/mengungkapkan sesuatu, yaah walaupun masih ada juga sih beberapa temen lain yang sibuk dengan smartphonenya, dan biasanya anak-anak yang ngobrol face-to-face ini hpnya tidak canggih. Hahaha.. Dan terakhir saya jadi lebih peka dengan keadaan sekitar, misalnya kalo ada orang tiba-tiba kepleset jadi bisa gue tolong. Gitu.

Beberapa tahun terakhir, saya memutuskan untuk membeli smartphone. Awalnya saya tidak terdistraksi, mungkin karena terbiasa tanpa smartphone. Tapi lama-lama akhirnya tangan saya ‘gatal’ untuk mengutak-atik sosial media yang lagi ngetrend jaman sekarang ini. Platform sosial media yang menghubungkan dengan netizen dari berbagai belahan dunia pun semakin beragam. Mulai dari Facebook, Twitter, lalu muncul Instagram, Path, beberapa messenger keluaran terbaru setelah BBM seperti Line dengan sticker lucunya, Whatsapp dan aplikasi lainnya yang tidak saya hapal namanya. Untuk saya pribadi, saya sangat memaksimalkan komunikasi  dengan menggunakan Whatsapp dan email, kalaupun untuk komunikasi dengan pemilik online shop, saya menggunakan Line supaya obrolan saya dengan orang-orang terdekat/teman-teman tidak tercampur. Saya punya akun beberapa sosial media yang lagi ngetrend, mungkin memang dasarnya saya lebih suka jadi pemerhati ketimbang jadi pelaku, sehingga sosmed yang saya punya tidak update alias I totally have no idea apa yang mau saya posting, toh saya juga bukan siapa-siapa yang orang-orang musti apresiasi dengan apa yang saya share di sosmed. Yang jelas saya menggunakan smartphone semata-mata untuk berkomunikasi dengan orang-orang terdekat yang tinggal beda kota dengan saya, update berita setiap hari dan tentunya sebagai tempat untuk belajar akan hal-hal yang tidak saya dapatkan di luar dunia maya.

Prinsip saya, sah-sah saja punya smartphone asal jangan sampai membuat kita kecanduan, karena banyak hal lain yang bisa kita lakukan/temukan tanpa smartphone. Smartphone memang membuat kita terdistraksi dari hal nyata di sekitar kita, hal itu tergantung kitanya saja bagaimana untuk lebih bijak lagi agar smartphone yang kita miliki tidak membuat kita mudah terbawa arus dengan hal-hal yang tidak berfaedah.


Saturday night in Yogyakarta

Saturday night in Yogyakarta for xx times–I barely remember exactly how many times I’ve spent my Saturday night in Yogya, but I guess it’s 3-4 times.

As I’ve been written on my previous post slightly about Yogyakarta–or you can simply click this link, I met a friend. Meike, that’s the way she used to be called. I have no idea, I don’t mind to spend all night to have a long conversation. I’ve learned many things from her point of view. She knows thing comprehensively. She such a smart girl.

First meeting point was in Benteng Vredeburg which located next to Malioboro street. My brother took me to the place by motorcycle. The sun was shinning very bright that day, or it’s just typical Yogya’s weather, I’m not sure, I forgot. We arrived around 1 PM. While waiting for Meike, we took some pictures of ourselves–oh I miss to spend my time with this no-longer little dude, like so much! Apparently there is a vintage cafe inside the museum. The cafe itself names Indishe Cafe. I have always excited when it comes to vintage because it’s authentic, artistic and classy. Let me show you a few snapshot I’ve taken by my cell phone.

By the time I entered the cafe, I fall in love with the ambience whose the owner has created, the vintage furnitures that the owner put on the right place make every corner look completely like the time before the independence day, I guess. I chose the table next to a big window, near to some frames with old pictures that stick to the wall.

I’ve ordered Java fried rice and lemon tea and Meike ordered the same thing. Meike and I started exploring the cafe while waiting for the menus and go back to our table when the food is served. We talk about when she was in Berlin. I was excited to hear about her story. She went to Berlin for academic stuff. She managed to meet a lot of people and experienced a few strange things. Honestly, I envy her. She met some random p*nk dudes when she waiting for the train with her friend, she said they were shouting at them out loud but they didn’t understand what they have shouted about. They were frightened. However she is lucky. I mean, she went to Germany, a country that I’ve always dreamt of and all I hope is her dreams will be come true in the future.

Actually, we didn’t have any plans where we will be headed after we finished our meals. Meike suggested to go to a famous knitted bag shop names Dowa which located near to the famous Tugu. But before that, we stop by to the famous shopping centre names Mirota Batik.

Mirota Batik has become the most visited place by tourists either domestic visitors or international visitors to find Javanese typical souvenirs for our loved ones. The shopping centre sells various things with affordable price e.g. clothes–from casual to formal, accessories (unisex), statues, traditional games, bags with various material, footwears, aroma therapies, paintings, cutleries, stationaries, and so on. I have found some postcards for myself as usual, but unfortunately I’m not going to send any of these to whom who ask for it because these ones are hard to find–photos to be continued.

After Mirota Batik, we headed to Honje restaurant which have the same location with Dowa shopping bag. Meike offers me two options to reach the place, by walking through the street or using local transportation e.g. Becak or Delman. I chose walking because I wanted to enjoy the atmosphere along Malioboro street while having some chit-chat and reminiscing a special moment few years back then? *wink*

We finally managed to reach Dowa safe and sound by walking approximately for 45 minutes. We were just checking the stuff around and buy nothing. Then we continued to go upstairs which Honje restaurant is located. This cafe has modern style, not so many furnitures but the colorful tiles have completely attracted me. We have chosen the table next to a big window, so the wind blows up inside through it. There were few things happened at the moment; I saw a group of girls were taking pictures with some different angles, a couple took some we-selfies, then about a few minutes later there were a few old whites came and sat on the reserved table–I guess it was semi-formal occasion, and I saw two locals following them.

It was raining cats and dogs. While our chit-chat got excited, a familiar famous female blogger came with her colleagues, I guess, and they sat right next to us. I whispered to Meike that the familiar lady is Trinity. She’s the author of “The Naked Traveler”. Meike barely recognized her and apparently she was slightly surprised when she saw Trinity with her new-modern-like most of Jakartans female style. Indeed, she looks different, more stylish than before I met her back in 2010, but we didn’t take picture with her because I already had one.

After the rain stop, we continued our cafe-tour at Prawirotaman street. We reached the place by using a non-fare cab and took around 15 minutes. Meike considers that this place is similar to Legian street in Bali because there are some stores and homestays spread in two sides of the road. Unfortunately, I didn’t take pictures while we were there, but I will put some photos I’ve gotten from the internet.


We were walking along the road, stopping by from a store to another, but we found nothing, hehehe–typicall girls who get satisfied only by window shopping. I’ve found some stores that sell things with affordable price than stores in Bali. The next stop is a western cafe names Aglioo. The cafe using dim lights, so it was impossible to take some snapshots of the place.

This is how Aglioo cafe looks like.


Meike wants to show me some famous places which were filmed by AADC2 the movie crews–I haven’t watched it anyway, but it was impossible due to the number of people visiting that cafe, so we passed it and continued to the Greenhost. Greenhost is a hotel which its hall were managed by AADC2 the movie crews as a painting exhibition hall where Rangga and Cinta meet again for the first time after ten years. So, Meike and I only took some wefie as the farewell while I was waiting for my brother to pick me up and go back to the lodging.

That was my Saturday night story when I was in Yogyakarta. It was endearly fun. I hope someday, I will coming back to this memorable city again and make different memories with different/the same person.

Experiencing Bunk Bed Hotel for the first time

Hi there,

Today’s post will telling you (in case there is anyone read this blog) about my experience when I stayed at Bunk Bed Hotel for a couple of days when I was in Yogyakarta, Central Java.

So, after I bought one way train ticket to Yogyakarta, I asked my friend, Ade, straight through Whatsapp about the name of the hotel she stayed in when she was there. I was browsing it a bit to get the information about the lodging. Then after I read all of the information, I made a phone call to the hotel to make a reservation.

The reason why I chose for myself to stay with female stranger at the same room. It is because I have always curious to try such new thing, beside the price is affordable–its only IDR 95k for one night include breakfast, FYI.

The hotel I have booked designed for backpakers who need a place to have some rest after exploring the city and to put their belongings while they are away. So do not expect that this hotel has a sea or forest view from the bedroom. The hotel itself consist:
  • 1 living room, include: 1 tv, 1 fan, 2 benches and 1 coffee table
  • 1 reading area placed right beside the receptionist
  • 1 outside bathroom
  • 2 outside toilets
  • 4 bedrooms (for female and male). Each room has 4 bunk beds with reading lamp, 1 locker for each guest, 1 bathroom—but do not expect they provide hot water, and an AC. If the room are full of guests, then you will stay with 7 different people that come from different country. Isn’t it sounds cool?
  • 1 long table and 1 bench right beside the living room. They will put the fruits, breads and some butters for breakfast
  • 1 empty room with no door next to the kitchen for people who want to have some chit-chat on the phone
  • 1 kitchen—the concept of this hotel is self-service, so you can have extra coffee, tea and water in here for free
  • 1 toaster
  • 1 small refrigerator and,
  • free wifi access.

I arrived at hotel around 8 PM that night to chcek-in and put my travel bag. The receptionist gave me three keys; 1 front door key, in case I return back to the lodging late; 1 bedroom door, in case the other guest already locked the door before I com; 1 locker key to put all my belongings. When I was in the room, a girl approached me and says, “waw, its beautiful..”. I was guessing that she gave me compliment about my appearance, hehe, but then I turned my head to her and realized that the beautiful thing she meant was the flower printed cardigan I worn that night. But I thanked her anyway, just trying to be nice with foreign people.

After buying a train ticket back to Jakarta, my brother and I didn’t go back straight to the lodging, but we went to Malioboro street to find Wedang Ronde that I was craving for. Wedang Ronde–Ronde abbriviated of ’round’, is a traditional beverage of Java native herbs. Wedang in Javanese means drink, while Ronde is a special batter consisting of a mixture of rice flour and brown sugar shaped dots and the inside contains crushed peanuts. To form Wedang Ronde, dipped in ronde doughs with warm water that made from ginger.

After that, my brother brought me back to the lodging, it took only approximately 15 minutes from Malioboro street. By the time I arrived at the lodging, I was sitting at the living room for awhile to check my phone and informed my Mum. The receptionist has already left and all guests were sleeping.

On the first day, I’ve got upside-bed and I made a noise by accident when I climbed the stairs of the bed. But I thanked God that nobody disturbed by the noise I’ve made. I couldn’t sleep straight at the moment, then I continued checking my social media until I manage to fall asleep. I think it was around 3 AM, a girl woke up to go to the toilet, then another girl woke up at the same time, they made some noices by accident and awaken the other girl. She was disturbed by the noise. She said, “Hey! Its still 3 AM in the morning, bla blaa bla!!!”. I was about to laugh but I couldn’t open my eyes. I mean, this is an example if we stay in a bunk bed hotel.

The next day, I woke up early in the morning. Then after washing my face and brushing my teeth, I went to have breakfast straight while reading news to keep in touch with current affairs. I made a cup of warm tea, I had breads too and two slices of watermelon. I saw a few guests in m bedroom was already checked out, and only two girls left, a white girl from Poland and I. I asked the receptionist to swap my bed to the bottom side.

After I took a shower, I lied down myself while waiting for my brother to pick me up, then the Poland girl greets me and asks my name. We had some chit-chat, introducing ourselves, sharing our destination why we came to Yogya and the plan after Yogya, etc. Her next destination was Bali. I was promoting some beaches from my hometown, but he’s just nodding. I think she has no idea about my hometown. Haha!

That’s the story about my experience when I stayed at the bunk bed hotel for couple of days. There are some pictures below that I tool from the internet of how the Bunk Bed and Breakfast hotel in Yogyakarta looks like from the outside. But, don’t expect too high. 😀

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Joanna with her stuff.

Short escape to Yogyakarta

Last month, Mum has informed me that she and my Dad could not manage to attend my brother’s graduation day in Yogyakarta because they cannot leave my grandma who needs to be taken care of, then she asks me to go. I agreed. It has been a long time since the last time I visited Yogyakarta in 2009. The graduation day carried out on 25th August 2016. I have bought the train ticket two weeks earlier before departure, because the price is cheaper than we buy it on the spot. Unfortunately the economy class were sold out, so I bought Taksaka Malam for IDR 290k for executive class. Purchasing ticket way too simple nowadays. When you need a ticket to go somewhere, you can order it online or contacting the travel agent by the phone. I made a call to PT KAI (Kereta Api Indonesia) to order one way ticket. To order ticket, the customer service need our personal identity as the requirement to process the ticket. After that, they will give you the booking code and limited time to pay. Just as simple as it is.

I’d prefer to use train rather than plane because simply I hate flying. Hahaha..

Up: Gambir (Jakarta) to Tugu station (Yogyakarta) | Down: Lempuyangan (Yogyakarta) to Pasar Senen (Jakarta)

Day 1

By the time I arrived early in the morning–it was around 4.20 am, my brother picked me up at Tugu station. I did not take some pictures of it because we were in a hurry and he needed to get ready and preparing stuff before the graduation ceremony begun. He dropped me off at my friend’s home, Kiki. Kiki is one of my best friend since we were in high school. She is married to a Javanese guy and has a three weeks old son names Russel. She named his son as it based on a little lad names Russel in UP the movie. She wish that her son will be like Russel in the future. A strong and healthy little guy.

Hasna–my brother’s girlfriend picked me up at 7 am sharp. It was not only my brother who will graduated that day, but also my cousin who finished his study for D4–the same accomplishment as bachelor degrees, and his parents were coming too. The opening ceremony began at 8.30 am sharp. It took two hours and more for ceremonial of the cadets, the opening speech, the pledge of the cadets and speech of the Agrarian Minister that made all of us almost fell asleep. My brother got surprised when he saw Hasna were coming too. After we took some pictures, we went to get some food for lunch.

Day 2

The next day which I have to check-in at the hotel I have booked, my brother couldn’t manage to pick me up due to there was an event he had to handle, so I have spent the whole day at Kiki’s home. Kiki and I were talking about many things and reminiscing about the moment we have spent together when we were in high school–while she carries her baby to feed him all the time. There are a lot of things you have to do when you become a Mother e.g. feeding the baby, change the baby’s diaper, to bathe the baby and another baby stuff that make you got lack of sleep at night which will makes you look like a zombie in the following day. I’m amazed that she is a mother now.

Three weeks old baby Russel

My brother managed to pick me up in the evening, and I had to thankful and farewell to Kiki and her family. My brother brought me to attend a semi formal farewell dinner which managed by the cadets themselves. The even itself was intended to receive their families that came from their hometwon. My brother took a part as the leader of this event and he nailed it. After that, he accompaied me to looking for the train ticket at the station, so I could strolling over the city without any worries on the next day.

Day 3

Before I came to Yogyakarta, I have already made an appointment with a friend. Both of us went to the same university but different batch. She’s living in Yogyakarta to pursue her master degree in UGM (Gajah Mada University). I’ve spent a day with Meike and visited four different cafes. We had several things to discuss. She such an open minded person, a feminist, so I am very pleasant to share anything with her. The story of Saturday night in Yogya is in here.

Day 4

I woke up early in the morning around 6, the room were still dark, people were still sleeping. It was my last day in Yogya and I will going back to Jakarta, back to my routine. The train will be arrived at 8.22 pm at Lempuyangan station. I’ve asked the receptionist for late check out and she grant my demand unless there is no new guest book the room. So I stayed a bit longer and took the chance to recover my energy. This is what I like about Yogya, people are humble, everything is easy and cheap.

It was raining and I was starving. My brother picked me up a little bit late. That time we decided to have lunch at the famous Super Sambal because they serve menus with affordable price. After that, we strolling over the city and made some chitchat. My brother was quiet but I know he was listening to me. The weather was good, slightly cloudy. After Magrib, we returned back to the lodging to take all my belongings then go straight to the station. My brother accompanied me until the train came at 8.10 pm which was 10 minutes earlier. Farewell Yogya, I’ll see you again.

Here I come, Jakarta.

Pissed off

Last night when I was about to sleep, I received a message from a colleague–a married guy with one kid, FYI. He asks about have I started to work or not yet? Less than a minute another new message popped up on my mobile screen. It was him again. He asks about did I bring some local snacks from my hometown or not? Because he meant to stop by to my flat to get it himself. I said, I didn’t have any chances to buy it. Two minutes later, another message popped up, and it was him again. He offers me to go somewhere around Jakarta with him and he wants to know where I stay.

I am pissed off. I didn’t expect that he asked me such things. I guess it is not an appropriate for a married guy. I get offended, I can hardly bear it and I was almost lose my temper but manage to calm myself down. I told him that the place where I stay is not allowing male guest to come visit. I hope it is a right way to give him a warning. I know, although I cannot judge him whether he is trying to be nice to people or whatever it is you name it, but still it is not an appropriate thing of a married guy.

For me, it will never be an easy thing when it comes to faithfulness in a marriage. Turns out life after marriage is way more complicated than I have imagined–it might be sound too much because I haven’t experienced it yet, but I guess there are a few habit that we used to do but we have to change it before we are getting married, I assumes. For example, making a good relationship to everyone. All of married couple are possible to make friends with whoever they want, either females or males–because it is human rights to socialize. But in this case it’s totally different. I mean the connection between wife and husband is a fragile thing. We have to sorting out which people we enjoy being friend with and people who will/want to understand our marriage life.

These past months I’ve got a few kind of this thing. I got bothered by a few married guy at my office. It makes me uncomfortable. I know they are well educated, but do they know how to treat women?